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Bob Johnston’s Great Lost Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan LPnew

Late producer set the mood for one of music’s great summits.
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  08-18-2015  |  Music

A High Point rapper shouts out the city's poor neighborhoodsnew

“What up, Murder Street? What up Commerce?” are the opening lines of “Welcome to High Point.”
Triad City Beat  |  Jordan Green  |  08-13-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Dick Dale Plays Through the Painnew

At 78 and in poor health Dick Dale is literally touring for his life.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  07-30-2015  |  Music

Unreal Thought’s processnew

Dark, icy and goth, Unreal Thought is a musical departure for three hardcore fans.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Stephanie Johns  |  06-11-2015  |  Music

Swift Like Menew

Taylor Swift and being at the Cool Kids’ table.
INDY Week  |  Maura Johnston  |  06-04-2015  |  Music

Pokey LaFarge Makes Something New From a Traditional Soundnew

Pokey LaFarge puts his mix of old-time country swing, ragtime and blues on display in a new album and world tour.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  05-28-2015  |  Music

The Weepies turn a year of struggle into a powerful return to formnew

Since releasing "Be My Thrill" in 2010, the married folk pop duo The Weepies moved to Iowa, had a third child and faced a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013. But with the cancer in remission, the band is back on the road and showing their talents in new venues — including, unexpectedly, the BMI Pop Awards.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Bill Lamb and Contributing writer  |  05-21-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Streaming Landscapenew

When it comes to music-streaming services, I'm usually late to the party, and not fashionably so. It's probably forgivable that I didn't hop onboard Spotify when it launched in Sweden in October 2008.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  05-21-2015  |  Music

The Fantastic Voyage of Jenny Lewisnew

Jenny Lewis sounds off on female musicians, working with Ryan Adams and putting out The Voyager.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  05-21-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Ghosts of the Low Country: New EP by Tawny Ellisnew

Tawny Ellis, Los Angeles based musician, singer, songwriter “unlocks and elevates the many mysteries of life” through her new Muscle Shoals inspired and recorded EP Ghosts of the Low Country. For Ellis this EP is a way she takes a glimpse of, senses a connection with people from the close to her heart South.
Random Lengths News  |  By Anna Broome  |  05-15-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Just SPEW itnew

After a six month hiatus to write new material, metal party machine SPEW is back. SPEW’s mantra remains: drink beer, smoke pot, play music.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Stephanie Johns  |  04-23-2015  |  Music

Castle on a cloudnew

With songs that are both tense and soothing, the contentedly sorrowful Jennifer Castle comes to Halifax.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Alex Mitchell  |  04-02-2015  |  Music

Breaking boxesnew

Depending on who you ask — or when you ask the question — you'll get a variety of explanations of what the Sound ExChange Project really is: A local contemporary classical ensemble; a chamber group; an artist collective; composers; curators; educators; community-investors.
City Newspaper  |  Jake Clapp  |  04-01-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Why Music Still Matters at SXSWnew

Success comes with consequences, and one of them is contempt. As the South by Southwest music festival's attendance has risen — from just 700 in 1987 to nearly 30,000 in 2015 — so too has the volume of the critics and contrarians who've gone on to vilify what's become the world's largest music event.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  04-01-2015  |  Music

Catching up with Iris DeMentnew

Iris DeMent discusses collaboration, her unique voice, the difference between being an entertainer and a singer and her new project.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  03-30-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

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