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Doug Kershaw on Collapsing Ceilings and Cultural Identitynew

With the popularity of New Orleans musicians like Fats Domino, Doctor John and the Neville Brothers, it's easy to forget that the Crescent City occupies less than 1 percent of a state that has its own vibrant musical traditions. Rural Louisiana musicians — be they Cajun, Creole or somewhere in between — have never received mainstream recognition.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  08-21-2013  |  Music

Not 'Too Metal'new

Underground legends The Melvins hit the road to promote their new album, "Everybody Loves Sausages."
Coachella Valley Independent  |  Brian Blueskye  |  08-16-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

A Celebration of George Duke, a Great Musicion and a Good Guynew

The death of keyboardist George Duke at 67 last week brought back memories of the ‘70s when I smoked dope with him nearly every day.
Random Lengths News  |  lionel Rolfe  |  08-12-2013  |  Music

Brace Yourself for the Hardcore Punk of The Dwarvesnew

Formed in 1982 in the suburbs of Chicago, the Dwarves became hardcore-punk sound trailblazers—before they later became notorious for onstage acts that included violence, drug use and self-mutilation.
Coachella Valley Independent  |  Brian Blueskye  |  08-09-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Fuck Buttons: Slow Focusnew

One of the oddest and most impressive things about Slow Focus is how it manages to burble, groan, stammer and seethe and yet it never crosses the line from melody into discord. From the cacophonous percussion that ushers in the opening track, "Brainfreeze," Slow Focus often seems as if, at any moment, it might break apart into science-fiction static...
Tucson Weekly  |  Sean Bottai  |  08-09-2013  |  Reviews

David Lynch: The Big Dreamnew

"No, no, no, I don't drink that foreign beer," legendary filmmaker/weirdo David Lynch chortles at the end of the electro-blues vamp "Sun Can't Be Seen No More." This being Lynch, the whole song is sung through a vocal modulator that transmogrifies his pipes into something akin to an asthmatic Donald Duck...
Tucson Weekly  |  Michael Petitti  |  08-09-2013  |  Reviews

Unlikely hitmaker Ke$ha crashes the club-pop party with purposenew

Ke$ha is a big, black fly in the pristine, pre-packaged pop ointment: She dismantles modern pop using the same tools that built it. And she is, at the moment, our strangest pop star.
INDY Week  |  Brandon Soderberg  |  08-08-2013  |  Music

Falsetto and Funknew

Demon Queen's new album, featuring Zackey Force Funk, might be one of the year's most anticipated releases.
Tucson Weekly  |  Joshua Levine  |  08-08-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Pop Punk Progenitors: The Descendents never want to grow upnew

It's easy to misjudge punk rock, figures the Descendents' Bill Stevenson. "There's some impression it's this bonehead thing," he says. "But when you look just a little beyond that surface, you realize it's where a lot of the thinkers are in the rock community."...
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Chris Parker  |  08-08-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Ten the Hard Way: Introducing the Houston Music Hall of Famenew

Houston has a lot of museums, but the city sorely lacks anything tangible that salutes its rich musical legacy... until now.
Houston Press  |  Chris Gray and William Michael Smith  |  07-31-2013  |  Music

Pop: A Social Mirrornew

What does Elvis have in common with Daft Punk? Pop music holds the answer.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  07-29-2013  |  Music

The Liberation of CSSnew

When CSS (“Cansei de Ser Sexy,” Portuguese for “tired of being sexy,” supposedly something Beyoncé once told the press) set out to record Planta, their fourth album, the electro-pop band was at a crossroads.
San Antonio Current  |  Enrique Lopetegui  |  07-18-2013  |  Music

Boom Townnew

The Willamette Valley's Electronic Music Scene Comes of Age.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex Notman and Kevin Piaskowski  |  07-18-2013  |  Music

Repent Now: Christian Metalheads Take Over San Antonionew

As part of the mostly Christian Screaming the Prayer heavy metal tour, Dallas’ Fit for a King comes to S.A. as proof that, at the very least, praying doesn’t hurt: the band’s initial output, Creation/Destruction, holds the record for most debut album first-week copies sold in their label’s, Solid State Records, history.
San Antonio Current  |  Enrique Lopetegui  |  07-14-2013  |  Music

Forever Gifted and BlackGrand Performances Pays Tribute to Nina Simonenew

Nina Simone would have been 90 years old this year. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of her death.
Random Lengths News  |  Terelle Jerricks  |  07-01-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

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