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All Eyes on Joe Liebermannew

Jumpin' Joe Lieberman has once again managed to freak out Connecticut Democrats of nearly every persuasion. Left-wingers are firing rockets into the blogosphere, some longtime Lieberman loyalists are sadly shaking their heads, and establishment types are seething at what Joe may be doing to his old buddy Chris Dodd's reelection chances.
New Haven Advocate  |  Gregory B. Hladky  |  11-10-2009  |  Politics

The Connecticut For Lieberman Party Seeks to Transcend Joe Liebermannew

The party's mutation has left some of Lieberman's harshest Democratic critics frustrated and worried about what the new party might do to the re-election chances of Connecticut's other Democratic U.S. Senator, Chris Dodd.
New Haven Advocate  |  Gregory B. Hladky  |  10-06-2009  |  Politics

Shouting Down Debate at the Health Care Town Hallsnew

At a recent town hall meeting, Sen. Chris Dodd was cheered by supporters for shepherding a heath reform plan through the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee last month, but one protester instead decided to offer him a suggestion: suicide.
New Haven Advocate  |  Chandra Niles Folsom  |  08-18-2009  |  Politics

Connecticut Press Gives Chris Dodd a Zero's Welcomenew

Dodd's 0.02 percent showing in Iowa may make him an also-ran to the rest of the country, but the local press is treating him like a hero.
New Haven Advocate  |  Freda Moon  |  01-15-2008  |  Politics

Chris Dodd: PAC-Mannew

The senator's presidential campaign is gobbling up corporate cash from Wall Street PACs with the fervor of an arcade game monster.
New Haven Advocate  |  Freda Moon  |  11-20-2007  |  Politics

Wall Street Embraces Chris Dodd With Open Walletsnew

Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton are the only two candidates from either party who've collected 65 percent of their fund-raising dollars from donations of $2,300 or more.
New Haven Advocate  |  Freda Moon  |  11-13-2007  |  Politics

Chris Dodd Gives Iowa a Trynew

The good news: Iowans like Sen. Chris Dodd. The bad news: probably not enough to vote for him.
New Haven Advocate  |  Evan Brown  |  11-06-2007  |  Politics

In Race for Presidential Nod, Good Guys Finish Lastnew

Chris Dodd and Ron Paul keep telling the truth -- and keep being ignored.
Valley Advocate  |  Alan Bisbort  |  10-25-2007  |  Commentary

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