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Post-Election Competition Heats Up the Video Game Worldnew

In the gaming world, the election very much continues, as the annual holiday onslaught of games competing for your hearts, votes and dollars is heating up to a level that might make even a CNN hologram -- and Wolf Blitzer, too -- burst into flames.
Orlando Weekly  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  12-04-2008  |  Video Games

Shopping for a Gamer or a Tech-Toy Lover? Here are Some Ideasnew

It's that time of the year again: I've been tasked with putting together a gift guide for hard-to-please technophiles who are clamoring for video games and gadgets this holiday season.
Tucson Weekly  |  Saxon Burns  |  11-20-2008  |  Video Games

The Christian Right Embraces Video Gamesnew

The Christian right has figured out that, instead of rallying against video games as morally deficient purveyors of violence and apathy, it's better off embracing them as a medium for spreading the message of God.
NOW Magazine  |  Joseph Wilson  |  11-17-2008  |  Video Games

Guitar Wars: Music Games Go Toe To Toenew

In under three years, music games have become the biggest segment of the video game industry. Kai Huang, president and co-founder of Guitar Hero originator RedOctane, a division of Activision Blizzard, says that the category's sales were $250 million US in 2006, and he expects the number will top $2 billion this year.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  11-10-2008  |  Video Games

Faceoff with Phaneuf in 'NHL 09'new

Dion Phaneuf scored his first goal of the 2008-09 hockey season a month before the puck dropped on the NHL season. The Calgary Flames player was in Vancouver when he put the puck in the net, helping celebrate the release of Electronic Arts' NHL 09.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  10-23-2008  |  Video Games

'FIFA Soccer 09' is Not Unlike Cracknew

This year's FIFA is satisfyingly weighty and beefs up player models in contrast to FIFA 08.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Chris Demento  |  10-23-2008  |  Video Games

'Rock Band 2' Keeps it Rollingnew

No need to double-check your calendar -- Rock Band 2 really is available only 10 months after the release of the original.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mitch Krpata  |  10-02-2008  |  Video Games

'Alone in the Dark's Imperfect Innovationsnew

The game is an ambitious title set in modern-day New York's Central Park. It has many innovative ideas, but almost all of them are poorly implemented or just shy of perfect.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Benji Anft  |  09-30-2008  |  Video Games

Gaming Needs Good Journalismnew

That a major magazine is willing to devote any ink to gaming represents another chance to show the Wii-loving casual masses that our passion is as beautiful, complex, and vital as the new disc by Television on the Radio. But sans perspective, what we end up with is hosannah-laden stories like Vanity Fair's "review" of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
Charleston City Paper  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  09-24-2008  |  Video Games

Spittin' Game: Too Human and Rock Band 2new

Too Human is friendly to role-playing newbies while Rock Band 2 adds a few tracks for everyone.
San Antonio Current  |  Jeremy Martin  |  09-24-2008  |  Video Games

The Science and Force of Ass-kickingnew

A title like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed treats power like the gaming equivalent of $57 million in pure Palin Alaskan pork barrel--an unexpectedly generous switch for a developer like LucasArts.
San Antonio Current  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  09-17-2008  |  Video Games

Power Trip: The Science -- and Force -- of Ass-Kickingnew

Playing with power is the most basic reason most of us park our asses in front of our consoles in the first place -- the opportunity to end a day, a day in which the most powerful thing you may have done is to text an underling, with virtual superpowers and superweapons in order to shred the bejesus out of a big-ass mythical beast.
Charleston City Paper  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  09-10-2008  |  Video Games

'Spore' and the Evolution of Gamingnew

The new PC game Spore from Maxis lets users create life itself -- but what if video gamers don't want to evolve?
East Bay Express  |  David Downs  |  09-10-2008  |  Video Games

'Rock Band 2' is a Fret Above 'Guitar Hero'new

Amidst the plethora of games at Microsoft's annual gaming preview event, X'08, Rock Band 2 was by far the most exciting.
NOW Magazine  |  Jen Chan  |  08-26-2008  |  Video Games

Madden Match: Brett the Jet is the New Curse of the Gamenew

Electronic Arts surely thought they had finally found a can't-miss dodge to the legendary Madden Curse — you know, the maybe-it's-really-true phenomenon that holds that any athlete who appears on the cover of videogaming's most-hyped annual franchise is sure to suffer a career-altering injury (Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb) criminal ignominy (Ray Lewis, Michael Vick again), or a stinkbomb season (Vince Young).
Charleston City Paper  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  08-20-2008  |  Video Games

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