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Understanding Glutennew

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. A lot of people have a hard time digesting it. Wheat is the basis of white flour, which is used to make bread and pasta.
East Bay Express  |  Kathleen Richards  |  09-26-2012  |  Food+Drink

Fondue: Remembering the Cheese Dish of Yesteryearnew

The history of fondue is not that sexy.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  09-26-2012  |  Food+Drink

The Big Shownew

North Bay craft brewers prepare for the Great American Beer Festival.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Ken Weaver  |  09-20-2012  |  Food+Drink

Children of the (Candy) Cornnew

The evil candy corn industry has infiltrated major snack corporations in a continued effort to distract us from the scientific fact that candy corn is the second worst Halloween candy ever made.
Cincinnati CityBeat  |  Mike Breen  |  09-20-2012  |  Food+Drink

A Look at Charleston's Percolating Coffee Scenenew

Every morning, Tyler Gilliam starts his day chasing after that perfect cup of coffee. The daily ritual begins with boiling water, dark-roasted grounds, and a French press. Brewing coffee for him is more than just a caffeine fix. It's an opportunity to relive delicious memories of European cafés and years of family tradition.
Charleston City Paper  |  Nikki Seibert  |  09-19-2012  |  Food+Drink

Just Peachynew

Before the summer season is over, seize the chance to whip up one last peach dessert.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jane Flood  |  09-16-2012  |  Food+Drink

Urban Homesteading Planning For Winternew

Now is a great time to get bargains from local farmers markets to can vegetables or make preserves for winter.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jim Pathfinder Ewing  |  09-07-2012  |  Food+Drink

Rotten in the Statenew

In the right hands, moldy, rotten grapes riddled with Botrytis can produce delectable results.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Alastair Bland  |  09-07-2012  |  Food+Drink

Food Deserts: Oases of Pollution?new

News reports of late have attempted to debunk the existence of "food deserts"—areas of the country where there is no easy availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jim Pathfinder Ewing  |  09-02-2012  |  Food+Drink

Paneer on Pizzanew

How a Houston pizzeria reflects the city's diversity, and what the business means for the future of downtown.
Houston Press  |  Katharine Shilcutt  |  08-30-2012  |  Food+Drink

Hail seitan: Vegan choices aboundnew

Earth House, Sinking Ship and others are offering substantial vegan selections.
NUVO  |  Nick Selm  |  08-28-2012  |  Food+Drink

B's Po Boy: Bocce Ball and Beignetsnew

B's Po Boy, with its excellent, authentic titular sandwiches and outstanding beignets, is a great addition to the blooming Fountain Square/Shelby Street dining scene.
NUVO  |  Neil Charles  |  08-24-2012  |  Food+Drink

Some parting advice about learning about winenew

Ask questions. Sommeliers and wine shop owners should be like teachers, willing to help you learn.
INDY Week  |  Amber Nimocks  |  08-23-2012  |  Food+Drink

Tastes Like Chickennew

Want to eat local meat? One way to counter the big ag, big slaughterhouse trend is mobile slaughter units.
Eugene Weekly  |  Ephraim Payne  |  08-17-2012  |  Food+Drink

The Rise of Southern Cheesemakersnew

On Saturday evening, the American Cheese Society's 29th annual conference and competition took over a Raleigh ballroom with 14 tables devoted to different styles--from American originals to feta, cheddar, washed rind and smoked cheeses.
INDY Week  |  Emily Wallace  |  08-08-2012  |  Food+Drink

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