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Dig Portland Sold to Portland Phoenix Parent Company

According to publisher and co-owner, Jeff Lawrence, Dig Portland will cease publishing immediately as part of the agreement. (FULL STORY)
Dig Portland  |  01-19-2015  1:00 pm  |  Press Releases

Dig Boston Publishers to Host Medical Marijuana Conferencenew

Jeff Lawrence and Marc Shepard will host the first ever New England Cannabis Convention in Boston, welcoming businesses and speakers to the table to help tackle the difficult lingering questions about the laws surrounding medicinal marijuana, and explain where the industry is headed.
Boston Magazine  |  09-08-2014  12:00 pm  |  Industry News

Dig Boston Announces Staff Changes, Record Growth

Editor J. Patrick Brown and three additional editorial staffers will depart. Incoming editor Dan McCarthy will work with newly-promoted news and features editor Chris Faraone to create a new editorial team. (FULL STORY)
Dig Boston  |  09-18-2013  11:00 am  |  Press Releases

Dig Boston Names New Editor

Dig Boston managing editor J. Patrick Brown has been promoted to editor. (FULL STORY)
Dig Boston  |  07-19-2012  4:55 pm  |  Industry News

Boston's Weekly Dig Editor to Depart, Search for Replacement Begins

Publisher Jeff Lawrence will assume the role of interim editor. (FULL STORY)
Weekly Dig  |  03-22-2012  2:12 pm  |  Industry News

AAN Board of Directors Proposes Name Change

Based on a recent survey of AAN's Board of Directors, a majority supports a name change from "Association of Alternative Newsweeklies" to "Association of Alternative Newsmedia," and will ask members to vote on the change tomorrow. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  07-22-2011  7:18 pm  |  Association News

DigBoston.com Goes Mobile

Dig Publishing LLC, publisher of Boston’s Weekly Dig, is pleased to announce the availability of the mobile version of their flagship website DigBoston.com. (FULL STORY)
Boston's Weekly Dig  |  03-01-2011  12:24 pm  |  Press Releases

AAN Opens Door to Non-Print Publications, Fills Eleven Board Seats

AAN members voted on several key matters during the association's annual meeting on Saturday, July 17. Eleven seats on the Board of Directors were filled, three publications were admitted into the association, and a bylaws amendment allowing online-only publications to apply for membership was passed by an overwhelming majority. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  07-20-2010  1:31 am  |  Association News

Publishers Take Issue With Boston Globe Reportnew

The Globe's thesis is that "falling advertising revenue" is forcing weekly papers to "scale back dramatically." But Phoenix Media/Communications Group president Bradley Mindich says his publications don't fit that mold. "We are not cutting back," he tells reporter Johnny Diaz, who nevertheless intimates that the Boston Phoenix is using less color and sharing film reviews with its newly-acquired Spanish-language weekly to save money. "We actually have more color now" and cutting expenses is not the primary reason his papers are sharing content, Mindich tells AAN News. Weekly Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence says the story was mostly accurate but that it suffered from faulty framing: "Our business model is intentionally evolving -- not reacting to the economy," he tells AAN News.
The Boston Globe  |  03-04-2009  3:26 pm  |  Industry News

Boston Transit Agency is Requiring Clear News Boxesnew

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is requiring that all news boxes on its property be easy to check visually for security concerns. Boston Phoenix circulation director Jim Dorgan tells AAN News that the policy goes into effect next Friday, Dec. 12. He says that, as a result of the new regulations, the Phoenix and its related publications had to purchase more than 200 new boxes, which each cost $85 more than a regular news box. He also says the MBTA is requiring the boxes be chained, and that 12 inches of space separate each box. The Weekly Dig's Jeff Lawrence tells us that while his paper will eventually buy some clear boxes and put them in MBTA stations, for the most part, distributing outside on city streets is still cheaper and the best strategy for the Dig.
Harrumph! Blog  |  12-05-2008  12:29 pm  |  Industry News

Ten Candidates Running for Election to AAN Board of Directors

All of the members who have announced their candidacies are thus far running unopposed. However, AAN bylaws do not require individuals to declare their intention to run in advance. Any regular members who are interested in seeking a seat on the board can be nominated from the floor at the annual meeting, which will be held on Saturday, June 7, during the association's annual meeting in Philadelphia. Read here to find out who has announced they are running, why they want to serve on the board, and what they view as the important issues facing AAN and its members. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-03-2008  1:27 pm  |  Association News

Weekly Dig Publisher Takes Over as Editornew

While he has been the de facto editor since the fall, Jeff Lawrence says in a letter to readers that he's now officially editor. "Once again, we need to reinvent and recast our editorial voice, from the ground up," he says. In other Dig news, Laura Dargus has been named the paper's new managing editor after being the interim managing editor for a few months. Lastly, Cara Bayles will begin her tenure as news and features editor in a few weeks.
Boston's Weekly Dig  |  01-11-2008  11:33 am  |  Industry News

Anti-Defamation League Calls Weekly Dig Feature 'Hateful' & 'Hurtful'new

"This is not a question of mere bad taste," Andrew Tarsy, the ADL's regional director and James L. Rudolph, chairman of the regional board of directors, said in a written statement about the Dig's annual "Kiddie Kroakers" feature, a satirical list of dangerous toys. The ADL says the Dig "exceeded the bounds of acceptable language” and resorted to "slurs in the name of humor" with items like a book called The Diarrhea of Anne Frank and Trivial Prosciutto, a board game "easy enough for Italians to play." The ADL is asking the Dig to apologize, but publisher Jeff Lawrence says no way. "We are the Weekly Dig. This is what we do,” he tells the Boston Herald. "We are known for pushing boundaries. We take on stereotypes and voodoo politics. At the end of the day, we are really trying to provoke people and get them to think."
The Boston Herald  |  12-13-2007  1:01 pm  |  Industry News

Weekly Dig Publisher on What Follows Editorial Shake-Upnew

"In the next six months, the Dig will look a lot different, and sound a lot different," Jeff Lawrence tells Boston magazine in the second of a two-part interview (the first part is here). Last week, after the Dig and editor Michael Brodeur parted ways, managing editor Shaula Clark and staff writer Julia Reischel both gave the paper notice. For now, Lawrence will take over as editor of the paper, but says he has no plans for making that a permanent position. He's also aware of the implications of such a move. "This publication is not going to turn into some advertorial piece of shit," Lawrence says. "Quite the contrary."
Boston Magazine  |  10-02-2007  2:12 pm  |  Industry News