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S.F. Bay Area Alt-Weeklies Snag Awardsnew

East Bay Express, Palo Alto Weekly, San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly were honored by the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club on Saturday.
San Francisco Peninsula Press Club  |  05-25-2011  2:28 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Stephen Buel Lands At San Francisco Examinernew

Stephen Buel, who was fired as editor of the East Bay Express two weeks ago, has been hired as assistant city editor of the San Francisco Examiner.
SF Weekly  |  12-30-2010  6:23 pm  |  Industry News

Editor of East Bay Express Departs

The East Bay Express announced the departure of longtime editor Stephen Buel. Managing editor Kathleen Richards and staff writer Robert Gammon will take over as co-editors. (FULL STORY)
East Bay Express  |  12-16-2010  5:56 pm  |  Industry News

East Bay Express Editor Remembers Gary Coleman Stuntnew

Gary Coleman, best known for his role on the TV sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, died on Friday at the age of 42. Many of his obituaries note that Coleman was an unlikely candidate for California governor in 2003, a piece of "political theater" the East Bay Express created. In a blog post, editor Stephen Buel explains the idea behind the idea. "We would point out the folly of replacing an imperfect but duly elected governor with an actor whose primary appeal appeared to be his fame. Of course, the actor we were wary of wasn't Gary, but Arnold," Buel writes. "But, of course, things didn't turn out like we planned. Far from provoking high-minded discussion about the perils of Hollywood populism, we helped propel the recall into altogether surreal territory. Although the world media lapped up the story, and Gary improvised his lines with sly humor, we soon realized there would be no larger point. Celebrity, it turned out, was the point."
East Bay Express  |  06-01-2010  12:52 pm  |  Industry News

Former, Current Owners of East Bay Express Resolve Differences

Eastbay Express Publishing LP, an entity controlled by former Express owner Village Voice Media, has reached a settlement with two of the paper's current owners to settle a suit VVM filed earlier this year. The suit alleged that Hal Brody and Express editor Stephen Buel still owed VVM $500,000 under the terms of the 2007 deal in which the paper was sold. Brody and VVM executive vice president Scott Spear say the parties have resolved that dispute and all other issues raised by the two parties in connection with the transaction. "We are pleased to have been able to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties," Brody says in a statement. "It puts aside this distraction so we can all concentrate on running our daily business." (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Media Press Release  |  08-31-2009  4:47 pm  |  Press Releases

VVM Sues Owners of East Bay Expressnew

Eastbay Express Publishing LP, an entity controlled by former Express owner Village Voice Media, has filed suit against two of the alt-weekly's current owners, Hal Brody and Stephen Buel, claiming they owe $500,000 under the terms of the 2007 deal in which the paper was sold. Brody admits they owe the money but says their debt is exceeded by the damage they suffered as a result of VVM's violation of a non-compete clause included in the original agreement. "The SF Weekly [also owned by VVM] is not supposed to solicit our advertisers in Alameda and Contra Costa, and they've been doing it, over and over," Brody tells the San Francisco Bay Guardian. "We have massive claims against them for violating those terms." But VVM's attorney disagrees: "(VVM) is not aware that it has violated the terms of any its agreements with the current publisher of the East Bay Express or with Mr. Brody or Mr. Buel," Randall S. Farrimond says. "We believe that any judge or jury who reviews the facts of this matter will conclude that Mr. Brody and Mr. Buel owe us the amounts stated in our complaint." More from the Express.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  06-10-2009  2:05 pm  |  Industry News

More Details Reported About East Bay Express Deal

As the dust settles from Village Voice Media's sale of the Express to a consortium of independent owners, a clearer picture of the new paper is emerging. The Berkeley Daily Planet reports that former Pitch Weekly publisher Hal Brody is the paper's majority owner, with 51 percent of the stock. Brody tells the Bay Guardian that, in addition to himself, editor Stephen Buel and Monterey County Weekly's Bradley Zeve, there are three out-of-town investors in the paper. He also says that the Express' joint ad sales agreement with VVM's SF Weekly will continue "indefinitely," and that the paper will continue to be represented in national ad sales by Ruxton. Meanwhile, Buel tells the Daily Planet that VVM "doesn't do well in places with competition." He adds: "If you look at the paper in the past year or so, you will see that it has gotten a lot thinner ... they didn't do well here." Buel also says that while the Express remains a defendant in the Bay Guardian's predatory pricing lawsuit, VVM agreed to assume all responsibility for the litigation. Finally, Buel writes on the Express' blog that more changes are afoot: a 5,000 bump in circulation and a tightening of the distribution area. He says the new owners also plan to address "changes to the format and design of the newspaper [that] made it a far less hospitable home for small advertisers, and placed limits on our community news coverage."
Berkeley Daily Planet | San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  05-23-2007  8:57 am  |  Industry News

New East Bay Express Owner On the Changes to Comenew

Stephen Buel, co-owner and editor of the newly independent Express, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that he will aim for a "better mix" of story lengths and more community and government meeting coverage, and will bring back calendar listings and staff-generated movie reviews. The paper will also be redesigned, in print and online. "Readers won't see the changes next week," Buel said. "But in six or so months, they can decide whether they like them or not."
San Francisco Chronicle  |  05-18-2007  1:27 pm  |  Industry News

Group of Alt-Weekly Vets to Buy East Bay Express

In a press release issued this afternoon, Village Voice Media says it is selling its Emeryville-based paper to an investment group led by current editor Stephen Buel, AAN veteran Hal Brody, and Express co-founder Kelly Vance. Monterey County Weekly founder and CEO Bradley Zeve is also one of the investors. Brody, who owned Pitch Weekly in Kansas City until he sold it to New Times in 1999, will take over as publisher. The Express, which was founded in 1978, has been owned by New Times/VVM since 2001. "It's great that Hal and Steve will be taking over the Express," VVM chief executive officer Jim Larkin says. "They are amazingly talented people who will devote themselves to continuing the paper's excellence." Editing the Express "is the best job I've ever had," Buel says. "It will be an honor to build upon the legacies left by the founders and Village Voice Media." (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Media Press Release  |  05-17-2007  5:09 pm  |  Press Releases

East Bay Express Editor Offers Apology for Recent MediaNews Coverage

"Kevin Keane tore me a new asshole a couple weeks ago," begins the June 14 editor's note from Stephen Buel (here, second item). Keane, executive editor of ANG newspapers, was upset by East Bay Express' unfavorable coverage of his company's prospective purchase of Bay Area dailies. Buel says he stands by the Express' "overall conclusion," but he regrets "a few elements": not asking ANG for comment, using a fake byline on an article that rated reporters and not calling "attention to some of the good work done by reporters at ANG." As part of Buel's amends, this week's issue of the Express contains an interview with Keane.
06-15-2006  4:33 pm  |  Industry News

Is 'Corporate' Ownership Good for Newspapers?

That was one of the questions asked last night during a panel discussion in San Francisco on "The Coming Media Monopoly: Concentration of Press Ownership and Its Effects on Democracy." It will surprise few AAN members that panelists Stephen Buel, editor of Village Voice Media's East Bay Express, and Tim Redmond, executive editor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, didn't see eye-to-eye on the matter. According to the "alternative online daily" BeyondChron, Buel said the Express' sale to VVM-predecessor New Times allowed the paper to hire more staff, purchase new computers and rent more office space. "In the past year, I've seen members of an alternative newsweekly buy houses in the Bay Area, and I think that's cool,” Buel said. Redmond disagreed, arguing that conglomeration results in homogenization of content and the pricing out of any true independent press.
06-02-2006  1:02 pm  |  Industry News

John Raeside Resigns as East Bay Express Editor

After 24 years with East Bay Express, Editor John Raeside is hanging it up. Raeside has announced his resignation, effective March 1. Managing Editor Stephen Buel will take his place. Raeside says the paper has had some remarkable accomplishments in its first year under New Times ownership and that he feels he's leaving it in good hands. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  02-05-2002  9:54 am  |  Industry News