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Bay Guardian Gets Hat Tip from Editor & Publishernew

In its annual list of 10 newspapers that "do it right," E&P has singled out the San Francisco Bay Guardian as "the archetype of the politically involved, locally focused alternative newspaper that's an alert and occasionally rabid watchdog." Editor/publisher Bruce Brugmann tells E&P that he worries that he and his wife and Bay Guardian co-founder Jean Dibble "are almost anachronisms" in today's media environment, with their brand of crusading alt-journalism. "Every good newspaper man ought to be controversial," Brugmann says.
Editor & Publisher  |  07-09-2007  11:01 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Bay Guardian Asks Court to Unseal Hearst/MediaNews Documentsnew

The San Francisco alt-weekly and the Media Alliance filed papers yesterday to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Bay Area newspaper deal between Hearst Corp. and MediaNews Group Inc., reports Editor & Publisher. The Bay Guardian hopes to unseal documents filed by the two companies in the case. "The courts are supposed to operate in public, and there's a clear public interest in this information," says Editor and Publisher Bruce Brugmann (pictured). "Our intent here is to ensure that the nation's biggest newspaper chains, as they move to destroy daily competition and impose a regional monopoly on the Bay Area, cannot do so in the dark of night with sealed records that set a terrible precedent for the free press, the First Amendment, and open government."
Editor & Publisher  |  12-22-2006  4:07 pm  |  Legal News

Bruce Brugmann, Josh Wolf Participate in Fundraiser

San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  09-21-2006  11:25 am  |  Press Releases

Brugmann Offended by 'Grungy' Errors in BusinessWeek Article

This week's BusinessWeek article on Kevin Rose claims that his company, Digg.com, is headquartered "above the grungy offices of the SF Weekly." However, San Francisco Bay Guardian Editor and Publisher Bruce Brugmann notes in a blog post that Digg is actually "a good tenant on the third floor of the Guardian building." Although Brugmann takes offense that his paper was mistaken for SF Weekly, he devotes more words to the building being called "grungy." Brugmann has written BusinessWeek asking for a correction, and will provide updates on his "Bruce Blog."
08-08-2006  8:09 am  |  Industry News

Bay Guardian Debuts 40th Anniversary Redesignnew

San Francisco Bay Guardian is planning a year-long anniversary celebration, starting with a strikingly different look. In the Jan. 11 issue, Executive Editor Tim Redmond calls the new design "both far more modern and in keeping with the historical mission of this newspaper." The Bay Guardian was founded in 1966 by Bruce B. Brugmann and his wife Jean Dibble; Brugmann is still the editor and publisher, and Dibble is the associate publisher. The paper has also re-adopted its original logo; Redmond says the move demonstrates that the vision Brugmann and Dibble had "when they started the Guardian is still what we're about today: Printing the news and raising hell."
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  01-11-2006  8:48 am  |  Industry News

Ohio 'Studying' Village Voice-New Times Mergernew

According to Cleveland's The Plain Dealer, Attorney General Jim Petro is looking for potential antitrust violations that would result from the merger. The paper quotes a senior attorney with Petro's office who said the deal "raises new concerns that combining these two publishing companies would eliminate or restrain competition between them in some markets where they operate rival newsweeklies with overlapping advertising and news coverage." (Ed.: VVM and New Times no longer operate "rival newsweeklies" in the same market.) The attorney was commenting in response to a letter complaining about the merger written by Terry Smith, the editor of AAN-member paper The Athens News.
The Plain-Dealer  |  12-19-2005  3:19 pm  |  Industry News

Inter American Press Association Announces General Assembly

The non-profit Inter American Press Association will host its 61st General Assembly Oct. 7-11 in Indianapolis. "This is a great group, doing extraordinary work in the Americas (from Canada down to Argentina) and of particular interest to the alternative press for a lot of good editorial and business reasons," writes San Francisco Bay Guardian editor and publisher Bruce Brugmann. "Among them: a snapshot of the action in the Americas, lots of good news and editorial ideas, entree into the latest in technology and business developments, and most important a direct way to really lend a hand to supporting a free press in these critical countries." Registration information is available through the organization's Web site; the association has more than 1,300 members from newspapers and magazines throughout the Americas.
09-16-2005  11:11 am  |  Industry News

Another Skirmish in the Alt-Weekly War in San Francisco

While San Francisco Bay Guardian's Bruce B. Brugmann was railing against a New Times-Village Voice Media merger that is still merely a rumor, his competitors at the New Times-owned SF Weekly were commissioning a handwriting analysis of the outspoken publisher. The handwriting expert says that B3's penmanship suggests that he's smart, respectful, and generous, and that he's "very much in control of himself and .... confident in how he impresses himself upon his environment." She also says he's a few other things as well.
08-25-2005  1:28 am  |  Industry News