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Judge Throws Out Case Against MauiTime Publisher, County Of Maui Appealsnew

Two weeks after a judge threw out the criminal case against MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo over his photographing Maui police officers, the County of Maui has appealed the decision.
MauiTime  |  07-23-2014  1:35 pm  |  Legal News

Tommy Russo "Making Waves" on Mauinew

Honolulu Civil Beat profiles Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo in a series dedicated to Hawaii residents "who aren't afraid to make waves" in the community.
Honolulu Civil Beat  |  12-03-2013  9:00 am  |  Industry News

MauiTime Publisher Sues County of Maui, Police Chief Over 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Incidentnew

MauiTime Publisher Tommy Russo has filed a lawsuit against the County of Maui, Maui Police Chief Gary Yabuta and Maui Police Officer Nelson Johnson over an April 2011 incident involving Russo, Johnson and members of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's security entourage.
MauiTime  |  04-15-2013  4:34 pm  |  Legal News

Maui Time Publisher Arrested While Videotaping Policenew

"The police chose to arrest me in a direct attempt to stop the documenting of their activities," said Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo.
Maui Time  |  11-20-2012  9:46 pm  |  Free Speech Issues

Maui Time Editor Unearths the Darker Side of Paradise

Themes of violence and romance cast a dark pall over Hawaii in Small Island, a new novel by Maui Time editor Anthony Pignataro. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  09-22-2011  2:37 pm  |  Industry News

Maui Police Discover Google, Drop Subpoena Against Maui Timenew

With little fanfare, the County of Maui has withdrawn the subpoena for all IP addresses in a 24-hour period of online commenters for an April Maui Time story.
mauifeed.com  |  06-27-2011  12:32 pm  |  Legal News

Village Voice Media Pledges $1,000 To Maui Time Legal Effort

In response to the attempt by the Maui police and district attorney to subpoena identifying information about online commenters to Maui Time, Village Voice Media Holdings has pledged $1,000 to Maui Time to help in its legal efforts. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  06-02-2011  5:32 pm  |  Legal News

Maui Time Ordered To Give Up User Information

The Maui Police Department has issued a subpoena to obtain the IP addresses of Maui Time web commenters, citing the terroristic threatening of one of its officers. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  05-24-2011  9:43 pm  |  Legal News

Maui Time Publisher Videotapes His Own Assault by Police

"On the evening of April 12, I was assaulted by a member of reality star Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman's security team," Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo writes. "Soon after, I was assaulted again, and had my First Amendment rights violated, by a member of the Maui Police Department." (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-15-2011  11:54 am  |  Industry News

Portland Mercury and Maui Time Weekly Unitenew

Portland Mercury art director Justin "Scrappers" Morrison enjoys working for other AAN papers during his downtime.
Scrapperstown.com  |  10-26-2010  9:47 am  |  Industry News  |  Comments (1)

Maui Time Publishes 3D Issuenew

MauiTime has published its annual Best of Maui readers poll in 3D. The 80-page issue features more than 100 3D photos. (FULL STORY)
Maui Time Weekly  |  07-26-2010  10:51 am  |  Industry News

Maui Time Art Director Creates Cool Covers on a Tight Budgetnew

Designer Robert Newman leaves the mainland for his latest profile of compelling alt-weekly cover designers. He says Maui Time's Chris Skiles creates "bright, bold, passionate, provocative, and engaging" covers on an average budget of about $20 per issue. "Normally for each cover I have about a day or two to figure out what I'm going to do and execute," Skiles says. "I usually can pull off my covers without using any budget, so I try to save up those unused budgets to hire illustrators from time to time. But even then, it's a bit of begging and bartering to make it happen."
Society of Publication Designers  |  05-27-2010  11:06 am  |  Industry News

Maui Time Weekly Publisher: Alt-Weeklies 'Haven't Innovated' Onlinenew

In an episode of the web TV show "This Week in Startups," Tommy Russo calls in via Skype to chat with host Jason McCabe Calacanis about new media and old (his bit starts about 5 minutes into the show). "Alt-weeklies were the innovative product to the daily newspaper 40 years ago," Russo says. "What's happened is that these papers haven't innovated; they haven't changed." He says that alt-weeklies, like the rest of the newspaper industry, have been barking up the wrong 'net tree. "'How do we get our papers online?' [is] not the right question. The question is: 'How do we dominate our market with news media through this new tool?'" Russo goes on to talk about how alts are well-positioned to become more robust multimedia outlets. "The advantage a weekly paper has is that we are on the streets," he says. "A lot of these online search companies are trying to get into the trenches with us -- but we're already there, we just don't realize it."
This Week in Startups  |  06-24-2009  10:36 am  |  Industry News

Maui Time Weekly Announces New Editor

Jacob Shafer has replaced Anthony Pignataro as the paper's editor, according to a press release. Shafer comes to Maui from Northern California, where he served as calendar editor and later staff writer for The Pacific Sun. "Jacob has a firm grasp of important environmental issues that are so critical to our delicate and precious market, an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific. He contributes a maturity level way beyond his years to this gift that we offer our community," says Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo. (FULL STORY)
Maui Time Weekly Press Release  |  08-04-2008  8:01 am  |  Press Releases

Maui Time Weekly Publisher Honored by Weekly Business Paper

Tommy Russo, owner and publisher of Maui Time Weekly, has been chosen as one of Pacific Business News' annual "Forty Under 40" honorees, AAN News has learned. Meant to highlight Hawaii's top rising young businesspeople, the awards were handed out at a June 26 ceremony. Russo, who founded Maui Time in 1996, was previously named Maui's Young Business Person of the Year in 2005.
AAN News  |  07-21-2008  12:53 pm  |  Honors & Achievements