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NOW Magazine Food Editor Steven Davey 1950-2014

Steven Davey was a key member of the NOW family for almost 20 years. (FULL STORY)
NOW  |  06-13-2014  9:00 am  |  Press Releases

"We sell community. We sell connection. That's what a good alt-weekly can still provide to its readership."new

Christine Oreskovich, publisher of The Coast in Halifax, says that strong community ties have helped her publication thrive.
Marketing Magazine  |  05-17-2013  9:42 am  |  Industry News

NOW Magazine Readership on the Rise

With 409,000 unique weekly readers, NOW is the most read alt-weekly in Canada and Toronto's only independent news & entertainment voice. (FULL STORY)
NOW  |  03-28-2013  5:00 pm  |  Press Releases

NOW Magazine Relaunches Websitenew

Revamped website features personalization options such as the ability to move sections around depending on user preference.
nowtoronto.com  |  07-12-2012  4:00 pm  |  Press Releases

Tackling the Tablet: Advice from Three Early Adopters

With custom tablet publishing now the talk of the digital journalism world, we catch up with three AAN members -- NOW Magazine, Gambit and Colorado Springs Independent -- that have already unveiled apps for iPad and other e-readers to find out what they've learned. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  08-08-2011  10:48 am  |  Industry News

Woody Harrelson and NOW Tweak Toronto Mayor on This Week's Cover

Woody Harrelson appears nude on the cover of this week's NOW Magazine, holding only a copy of the now-infamous NOW issue featuring a Photoshopped image of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-21-2011  10:33 am  |  Industry News

NOW Files Integrity Complaint Against Toronto Mayor

The publishers of NOW Magazine have filed a complaint with Toronto's integrity commissioner in response to Mayor Rob Ford's alleged attempt to have all copies of the March 31 edition of the magazine removed from city facilities. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-19-2011  10:03 am  |  Industry News

NOW Gets Playful, Asks Readers to 'Frock Ford'

Following the recent dustup over its Photoshopped images of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, NOW Magazine last week launched a contest asking readers to "Frock Ford" themselves. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-12-2011  10:09 am  |  Industry News

UPDATE: NOW Considering Legal Action Against Toronto Mayor's Officenew

NOW Magazine editor and publisher Michael Hollett says the paper is considering legal action against the office of Toronto mayor Rob Ford following last week's directive to remove copies of NOW from City Hall.
CBC News  |  04-05-2011  9:36 am  |  Industry News

Toronto Orders City Employees To “Remove and Dispose” of NOW Magazine Issuesnew

The office of Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford ordered city employees to remove all copies of NOW Magazine from locations around the city, according to an email obtained by the paper.
NOW Magazine  |  03-31-2011  5:55 pm  |  Industry News

Former NOW Magazine Writer Becomes Mayoral Candidate Spokespersonnew

By taking the job as spokesperson for Toronto mayoral candidate (and current deputy mayor) Joe Pantalone, former NOW writer Mike Smith is giving himself the chance to potentially replace another former NOW writer in City Hall. Don Wanagas, who wrote for the alt-weekly until 2005, is the communications director for current mayor David Miller. Miller is not running for re-election.
The Globe & Mail  |  04-28-2010  9:44 am  |  Industry News

NOW Magazine Writer Running for Canadian Parliamentnew

Andrew Cash is the New Democratic Party's candidate for the Davenport electoral district, located in Toronto's west end. Cash, who is also a well-known singer-songwriter, was named the candidate of the social democratic party back in October but is gearing up his campaign with an initial fundraiser set for later this month. If elected, he would become a caucus colleague of his former bandmate Charlie Angus, who has served in Parliament since 2004. Due to the intricacies of Canadian electoral law, the date of the election is not yet set, but Cash tells AAN News that it will most likely happen in either the spring or fall of 2010.
AndrewCash.net  |  01-05-2010  11:54 am  |  Industry News

Whoops! NOW Magazine Mistakenly IDs Toronto Pol as Gaynew

In a story previewing 2010, NOW sized up city councillor Adam Giambrone's chances of becoming mayor. "He's young. He's bright. He's gay," the story read. "And he looks better than any of his challengers so far." But there was one problem, Giambrone says. "I'm not, in fact, gay," he wrote on Facebook. "Sarah, my partner, has taken the news in stride and with good humour and I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it from the LGBTQ people in my life." NOW has acknowledged the mistake and changed the phrasing to "gay-positive."
Toronto Sun  |  01-04-2010  10:56 am  |  Industry News

Reporters: Need Climate Change Answers During Copenhagen Conference?

AAN News has learned of two great resources for anyone who is writing about the United Nations Climate Change Conference or climate change right now. First, climate scientists from the American Geophysical Union will be providing round-the-clock support for journalists reporting on the conference through Dec. 18. In addition, NOW Magazine's editor and CEO Alice Klein, who is attending the conference, is available for interviews about what's happening in Copenhagen. To set up an interview, email jasonh (at) nowtoronto.com or call 416-364-1300 ext. 372.
AAN  |  12-10-2009  2:34 pm  |  Industry News