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Creative Loafing, VVM Test the Local Ad Network Watersnew

New Media Hub reports that Creative Loafing has trained some reps to buy and resell ad networks for key local display advertisers. CL joins Village Voice Media, which launched its Voice Local Network in June, in selling local ad networks. VVM new media director Bill Jensen says the company's network focuses on advertisers that align with the papers' main areas of focus, which helps set it apart from other ad networks. "When you are looking for music or a restaurant, things that are at the core of our business, you are looking for a little bit more than text ads," Jensen says. "We have the best food critics in the world. Its different if you are looking for a plumber."
New Media Hub  |  07-20-2009  10:09 am  |  Industry News

LikeMe.Net Introduces Next Generation of Lifestyle Social Recommendation Engine

Partnership with Village Voice Media gives social search network instant penetration; Palm® Pre™ application powers LikeMe's mobile connectivity (FULL STORY)
LikeMe.Net Press Release  |  06-30-2009  10:24 am  |  Press Releases

Two Alt-Weeklies Win Eight Green Eyeshade Awards

Village Voice Media's two Florida newspapers fared well in this year's Green Eyeshade Awards, which recognize journalistic excellence in 11 Southern states. Miami New Times won five awards, including first-place finishes in four categories: Coverage of Politics, Crticism, Public Affairs Reporting and Public Service. Sister paper New Times Broward-Palm Beach took home three awards, winning first-place accolades for Non-Deadline Reporting and Sports Commentary. Started by the Atlanta Professional Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, the contest is now administered by regional directors for the Society.
AAN News  |  06-25-2009  9:57 am  |  Honors & Achievements

VVM Launches Local Online Ad Network

The Voice Local Network will allow select publishers to monetize their content using Village Voice Media's locally based sales forces. VVM says the network is designed for web publishers that match both the content and the core demographics of its newspapers. "We've been working the streets, merchant to merchant, for years developing personal relationships in all of our cities," VVM president and chief operating officer Scott Tobias says. "Through these connections, we've developed a very high local CPM web business, and it's a natural evolution to help other publishers tap into our network of advertisers." (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Media Press Release  |  06-15-2009  1:01 pm  |  Press Releases

VVM Files Appeal in Bay Guardian Casenew

As expected, Village Voice Media and SF Weekly filed an appeal to last year's decision in the Guardian's predatory pricing suit this week in the California Court of Appeal. "With this appeal, judicial error, attorney contrivance, expert witness puffery, juror confusion, and statutory imprecision are now cast in the edifying light of reason and clarity," VVM executive editor Michael Lacey says. The Guardian's Tim Redmond says nothing in VVM's appeal is new to them. "We're confident we'll prevail in the appeal, as we did at the trial court level," he tells AAN News.
SF Weekly  |  06-12-2009  5:20 pm  |  Industry News

VVM Sues Owners of East Bay Expressnew

Eastbay Express Publishing LP, an entity controlled by former Express owner Village Voice Media, has filed suit against two of the alt-weekly's current owners, Hal Brody and Stephen Buel, claiming they owe $500,000 under the terms of the 2007 deal in which the paper was sold. Brody admits they owe the money but says their debt is exceeded by the damage they suffered as a result of VVM's violation of a non-compete clause included in the original agreement. "The SF Weekly [also owned by VVM] is not supposed to solicit our advertisers in Alameda and Contra Costa, and they've been doing it, over and over," Brody tells the San Francisco Bay Guardian. "We have massive claims against them for violating those terms." But VVM's attorney disagrees: "(VVM) is not aware that it has violated the terms of any its agreements with the current publisher of the East Bay Express or with Mr. Brody or Mr. Buel," Randall S. Farrimond says. "We believe that any judge or jury who reviews the facts of this matter will conclude that Mr. Brody and Mr. Buel owe us the amounts stated in our complaint." More from the Express.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  06-10-2009  2:05 pm  |  Industry News

VVM Strategist Talks Social Media, Journalismnew

In a Q&A with The Future Buzz, Village Voice Media social media strategist John Boitnott talks about how VVM is merging traditional journalism work with social media work. "What we are realizing at [VVM] is that one's effectiveness as a journalist now may depend to some degree on your social media prowess," he says. "It's absolutely a revolutionary concept -- and one that many old schoolers may scoff at or ignore."
The Future Buzz  |  06-09-2009  2:32 pm  |  Industry News

Another Livingston Win for Village Voice Media

VVM points out that with John Dickerson of the Phoenix New Times' win this week, the company's writers have racked up four Livingston Awards in the past decade. (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Media Press Release  |  06-05-2009  1:35 pm  |  Press Releases

Backpage.com Announces Enhanced Services

Unique user-features set online classifies website apart from competition (FULL STORY)
Backpage.com Press Release  |  06-03-2009  8:53 am  |  Press Releases

VVM to Craigslist CEO: There is Nothing Wrong With a Little Competition

In a blog post last Friday, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster complained that politicians are attacking Craigslist for adult ads while ignoring Village Voice Media and other media outlets that run the same ads, because they have a "need for positive stories and campaign endorsements from those very same newspapers." VVM says it empathizes with Craigslist but finds much to be desired in the company's response. "They have a number of moralistic state Attorneys General threatening them over their adult ads, and a raft of bad press following the terrible tragedy in Boston that the company is admittedly in no way responsible for," VVM says in a press release. "But, the manner in which Buckmaster is responding to this pressure -- by disingenuously lashing out at competitors and caving to political pressure -- is inexcusable, and displays a remarkable lack of sound judgment." (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Media Press Release  |  05-29-2009  12:12 pm  |  Press Releases

40 Percent of VVM's Web Traffic Comes from its Blogsnew

Village Voice Media new media director Bill Jensen says 40 percent of the company's pageviews are coming from the blogs on the newspapers' sites, up from 20 percent a year ago. He also tells TechCrunch VVM is on track to bring in $20 million in online revenues this year, nearly double from 2008. This figure, however, still represents barely more than 10 percent of VVM's revenues.
TechCrunch  |  05-21-2009  8:28 am  |  Industry News

New Twist in VVM/Bay Guardian Case

While last year's verdict in favor of the San Francisco Bay Guardian in its predatory pricing lawsuit against SF Weekly and Village Voice Media is being appealed, the Guardian claims VVM is ducking its debts and hiding its assets in an effort not to pay the $15.6 million it owes in damages. VVM executive editor Michael Lacey says that's not correct. "The case is on appeal. You are not entitled to a penny," he writes in a blog post.
San Francisco Bay Guardian | SF Weekly  |  04-14-2009  8:16 am  |  Industry News