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Tackling the Tablet: Advice from Three Early Adopters

With custom tablet publishing now the talk of the digital journalism world, we catch up with three AAN members -- NOW Magazine, Gambit and Colorado Springs Independent -- that have already unveiled apps for iPad and other e-readers to find out what they've learned. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  08-08-2011  10:48 am  |  Industry News

Five AAN Members Pick Up Regional SPJ Awards

Five alt-weeklies were among the recent winners of The Society of Professional Journalists 2011 Top of the Rockies Excellence in Journalism Awards, covering Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-20-2011  7:51 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Colorado Springs Independent Uses QR Codes in 'Annual Manual' Issuenew

The Independent linked a dedicated QR code for each section in its "Primer" listings for its 2011 Annual Manual. The listings feature the top picks in the nightlife, food and drink, shopping, services, daylife and personalities categories of the paper's 2010 readers' poll.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  04-07-2011  9:14 am  |  Industry News

Three AAN Pubs Raise Over $2 Million For Local Non-Profits

Colorado Springs Independent, Monterey County Weekly, and Willamette Week have raised over $2 million for non-profit organizations in their communities through their respective "Give" campaigns. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  01-11-2011  1:57 pm  |  Industry News

Indy Give! Donation Benchmark Surpassed

2010 Indy Give campaign surges past 2009 Inaugural year final total. (FULL STORY)
Colorado Springs Independent  |  12-23-2010  12:06 pm  |  Press Releases

New York Times Avoids Gratuitous Puns in Medical Marijuana Storynew

The New York Times says medical marijuana ads are giving alt-weeklies a financial boost.
New York Times  |  10-05-2010  9:52 am  |  Industry News

Colorado Springs Independent Turning Readers into Headhunters

The Indy is hiring a new ad director, sales executive and news reporter, and "instead of turning to an expensive headhunter," the paper says it is offering cash rewards to readers who refer successful candidates. (FULL STORY)
Colorado Springs Independent Press Release  |  05-26-2010  9:03 am  |  Press Releases

Three AAN Members Win at Rocky Mountain Regional SPJ Contestnew

The Society of Professional Journalists' Rocky Mountain chapter presented its "Top of the Rockies" Excellence in Journalism Awards Saturday night in Denver. The contest, with participants from the four-state region of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming, attracted more than 500 entries. The Colorado Springs Independent took home nine awards, including first-place wins for Arts and Entertainment Reporting, Science/Environmental/Health Care Reporting, and Education Reporting. Salt Lake City Weekly won five awards, including first-place finishes in the General Reporting - Business and Investigative/Enterprise - Business categories. Boulder Weekly was given one award, a first-place finish in the Legal Affairs category.
Rocky Mountain Society of Professional Journalists  |  04-13-2010  9:48 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Colorado Springs Independent Executive Editor Goes to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver

27-year local sports legend Ralph Routon, Executive Editor of the Colorado Springs Independent, is going to the Vancouver Winter Games! (FULL STORY)
Colorado Springs Independent Press Release  |  01-21-2010  3:15 pm  |  Press Releases

Local Nonprofit Honors Colorado Springs Independent Publishernew

John Weiss has been named the recipient of the Citizens Project's 2010 Divine Award, which is given each year to someone who "create[s] a vibrant democracy in which equal rights are protected and differences are respected." Weiss' "leadership has created a more diverse, progressive and green Colorado Springs over the last 27 years," the Project says.
Citizens Project  |  01-11-2010  8:22 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Focus on the Family Seeks to Run Anti-Abortion Ads During Super Bowl 2010

$4 million anti-abortion Super Bowl ad to feature the decision of University of Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow's mother not to have a doctor-recommended abortion in the 1980s, sources report. (FULL STORY)
Colorado Springs Independent Press Release  |  12-28-2009  6:19 am  |  Press Releases

A Perk of Publishing an Alt-Weekly: No Suit Requirednew

"I wore a suit at my wedding, and between 1993 and 1994 I wore a suit at work," Colorado Springs Independent publisher John Weiss says in a Colorado Springs Business Journal piece about -- you guessed it -- suits. "I was trying to fit in and be legitimate ... But then I realized that the whole point of being the publisher of an alternative weekly was that you didn't have to wear a suit."
Colorado Springs Business Journal  |  12-22-2009  2:37 pm  |  Industry News