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2006 Diversity Internship Recipient Offers a Fresh Perspective

Tasha Ho-Sang (pictured) parlayed an insightful letter to the editor into a summer internship at the Philadelphia City Paper, with funding assistance from AAN's Diversity Internship program. Ho-Sang had a wealth of story ideas, and during her two months at the alt-weekly she was able to develop a few of those ideas into successful articles. "Stories she pitched came from a realm that we wouldn't have found if we hadn't had the chance to bring Tasha on," Managing Editor Brian Hickey says. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  09-13-2006  9:42 am  |  Association News

Huston-Baer Leaves Santa Barbara, To Be Replaced by Robbins

Penelope Huston-Baer is leaving her position as director of new media for the Santa Barbara Independent to move back to her hometown, Memphis, but she is excited that Robby Robbins (pictured) is pulling up his Southern roots to take her place. She has been at the Independent for seven years, and in the alt-weekly industry for 16; Robbins is leaving the Independent Weekly in Durham after 12 years. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  06-27-2006  11:10 am  |  Industry News

CONVENTION: Clinton Speaks, and Speaks Some More

"The greatest thing about not being president anymore is I can say whatever I think," Clinton told AAN members at a luncheon this afternoon. And he said quite a lot, talking well beyond his scheduled time. Clinton commended alt-weeklies for "filling a void" created by two-dimensional portrayals in mainstream publications. He also took questions from the unusually well-behaved audience. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  06-17-2006  4:07 pm  |  Association News

2006 AltWeekly Award Winners Announced

When not pelting AAN members with New Orleans souvenirs, Michael Tisserand (pictured) announced the order of finish in 20 different categories and two circulation divisions at a luncheon held in Little Rock, Ark. this afternoon as part of AAN's Annual Convention. The Coast was the biggest winner, taking three first-place awards. Creative Loafing (Atlanta) and OC Weekly each won two, with the Orange County paper topping both column categories. First-place winners, a good mix of familiar names and newcomers, will be collected in a book, Best AltWeekly Writing and Design. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  06-16-2006  2:24 pm  |  Association News

Save the Date: Portland in 2007

The 2006 convention is still more than a month away, but plans are already being made for next year. Keep June 14-16, 2007 clear on your calendar -- host paper Willamette Week is promising sunshine, pinot noir, and "a vigorous discussion about the future of independent journalism." (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  05-02-2006  11:49 am  |  Association News

Gambit Weekly Goes Home

After more than five months exiled in a cramped temporary office in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, the Gambit staff is thrilled to move back into their building in Mid-City New Orleans. "Some things still don't work, but we don't care," says Publisher Margo DuBos. The paper is continuing to build toward its pre-storm ad sales and page count, even as the desperate situation in the city makes Gambit's reporting vital. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  04-11-2006  9:03 am  |  Industry News

AltWeekly Awards Set Entry Record -- Again!

The 2006 AltWeekly Awards received 1554 entries from 99 member newspapers. Improvements made to the contest rules and Web site were successful in making the process less problematic. If the AAN staff is not buried alive by the onslaught of paper and FedEx boxes, we will next begin sorting entries and distributing them to the preliminary round judges. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  01-24-2006  10:54 am  |  Association News

AWN Plugs Holes in VVM Markets

In its December newsletter, the Alternative Weekly Network announced that "each of the five [Village Voice Media] markets already boasts existing or new publications locked up and ready to include on AWN sales presentations." The new publications include Minneapolis' The Rake, New York's L Magazine, and Nashville's Gannett-owned All The Rage. In addition, AWN hopes to land Seattle's The Stranger, which is currently a Ruxton Media Group paper. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  12-13-2005  11:59 am  |  Industry News

AltWeekly Awards Contest Site Opens

The online registration system first implemented for the 2005 AltWeekly Awards contest is back -- with some improvements. A new category! An earlier deadline! Different ways to submit! Learn more about the changes here. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  12-05-2005  2:58 pm  |  Association News

AAN Announces AAN CAN Contest Prize: A Trip to Peru

The Association for Alternative Newsweeklies is holding another contest for sales representatives who sell ads into the AAN CAN Network. The rep who sells the most total dollars from new advertisers into the AAN CAN Network between Nov. 10, 2005 and Jan. 30, 2006 will receive a 9-day trip for two to sunny Peru. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  11-22-2005  10:40 am  |  Association News

Programming Announced for AAN East and AAN West

The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies today announced the speakers and events for our two staff training conferences, AAN West and AAN East. Registration materials are being mailed to member papers; they should arrive shortly after Thanksgiving, in plenty of time for the early registration deadlines. Check the conference Web sites often for updates. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  11-17-2005  2:04 pm  |  Association News

Gambit Weekly Resumes Publication

Two months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the city's alt-weekly is hitting the streets with a new issue and a focus on the city's future. Given that those streets are still dominated by trash, debris and discarded refrigerators, Gambit's speedy return feels like a triumph. The 64-page issue is being distributed wherever people are returning to live and work, and publisher Margo DuBos says that she has been thrilled with the community's response. (FULL STORY)
Amy Gill  |  11-01-2005  12:39 pm  |  Industry News