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The Seductive World of Home-Improvement TVnew

It's frivolous, it's out of touch, and I can't get enough of it. Why? Because most HGTV shows embody the triumph of style over substance, of beauty over function. And their notions of what looks good in a home are almost as ephemeral as high fashion. Talk about escapist entertainment.
Seven Days  |  Margot Harrison  |  11-21-2008  |  Movies

Style Guys Colin McAllister & Justin Ryan Love Life in Canadanew

The stylish Scots duo made inroads into the interior-design world via various television series in the U.K. but made the leap over to Canada last year with the ├╝ber-successful Home Heist show on HGTV, which has in turn been transformed into a new book, Colin & Justin's Home Heist Style Guide.
Monday Magazine  |  Bill Stuart  |  09-18-2008  |  Culture

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