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Mumblecore King Henry Jaglom Returns With 'Irene in Time'new

If Jaglom was a trustfunded neophyte, he'd be acclaimed the King of Mumblecore -- a genre that, it turns out, he pioneered several decades ago.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  09-24-2009  |  Reviews

Some of Your Beeswax: Director Andrew Bujalski Chatsnew

If the word “mumblecore” ever meant anything in the first place, it definitely had something to do with Andrew Bujalski. The lo-fi indie director of Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation debuted his third feature, Beeswax, in March, and speaks about the film festival favorite.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  08-06-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Baghead' is a Sometimes Awkward Marriage of Horror and Talkinessnew

Brothers Mark and Jay Duplass made one of the foundational movies of the so-called "mumblecore" movement with 2005's The Puffy Chair, and their follow-up, Baghead, finds them struggling to break out of what's become a somewhat stifling and limiting label.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Josh Bell  |  09-05-2008  |  Reviews

Brilliant 'Baghead' Mashes Genres with Unexpected Resultsnew

At first the film looks like the latest entry in the indie sub-genre that's come to be known as "mumblecore" -- but no sooner has the movie established its quartet of characters than it switches gears and goes somewhere creepier and far more intense than mumblecore pictures have previously ventured.
NOW Magazine  |  Norman Wilner  |  08-11-2008  |  Reviews

Is Mumblecore Going Mainstream?new

The Duplass brothers are considered two of mumblecore's founding fathers, having made the strange, awkward and sweet film The Puffy Chair a couple of years ago. With their latest, Baghead, they've created something very different: the first mumblecore horror film.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Anders Wright  |  07-30-2008  |  Reviews

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