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It's Not Just Fergusonnew

There were six officer-involved shootings in Monterey County, Calif. in 2014.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Mary Duan and Nic Coury  |  11-25-2014  |  Crime & Justice

Tough Politicians Are Killing Cops

Violent crime in general is decreasing. But more cops are being killed in the line of duty. One reason: tough sentencing laws that make shooting a police officer a rational decision.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  04-12-2012  |  Crime & Justice

The Life of Fredy Villanueva’s Older Brother Just Got More Complicatednew

In August 2008, 18-year-old Fredy Villanueva was shot to death by a Montreal police officer. A subsequent police inquiry into the shooting was marred by controversy and resulted in a total exoneration of the two police officers involved.
Montreal Mirror  |  Patrick Lejtenyi  |  03-07-2010  |  Crime & Justice

What We've Learned From the Fatal Police Shooting of Aaron Campbellnew

The Jan. 29 shooting of an unarmed African-American man was the reason Jackson came to Maranatha Church of God. And it’s why hundreds of angry Portlanders had already rallied downtown to protest years of alleged police abuses and failed leadership.
Willamette Week  |  James Pitkin  |  02-24-2010  |  Crime & Justice

It's Been a Year Since Steven 'Butter' Miller Was Killed. Does Anyone Remember?new

When Butter was shot dead by police -- shot at 85 times, hit about 20 -- he was high, standing on a corner and waving a loaded gun. He hadn't pointed it at anyone, or if he had, it had been completely accidental, coincidental, because Butter was blank-eyed, detached from the world.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Tom Namako and Doron Taussig  |  07-29-2008  |  Crime & Justice

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