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How to Rid Your Yard of Molesnew

Some folks think moles are cute. And, well, they kind of are with their squinty little eyes, oversized paws, and long snouts. But for others, especially homeowners in the Lowcountry, they're terrible, tiny pests capable of wreaking havoc on a lawn.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  01-02-2012  |  Gardening

What Mowing Your Lawn Is Doing To The Planetnew

Americans reportedly dump more than 80 million pounds of pesticides and other chemicals onto their lawns and gardens every year. Aside from the potential risks for people and animals coming into direct contact with this toxic crap, pesticides get washed into streams and rivers, ending up as marine pollution.
New Haven Advocate  |  Gregory B. Hladky  |  05-24-2011  |  Environment

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