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Middle-Aged ABBA Musical Not Quite as Cringetastic as Those Words Implynew

1994's Muriel's Wedding used the title character’s obsession with the '70s Swedish quartet's glittery lady-music to underscore Muriel's disconnected idealization of romance, glamour and marriage-centered happiness, an obsession that leaves her struggling to construct a true sense of self. Mamma Mia!, on the other hand, features ABBA as a way to ... sing along to ABBA songs. And dance.
Weekly Alibi  |  Erin Adair-Hodges  |  07-29-2008  |  Reviews

'Mamma Mia!' Cast Sings Much Evilnew

Like those freakish deep-sea creatures living happily in a toxic soup of methane brine miles beneath the water's surface, the cast of Mamma Mia! is unaware they're living in an equally noxious ABBA-rich environment.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Violet Glaze  |  07-22-2008  |  Reviews

Yup, Meryl Streep Can Sing ABBAnew

The album's a comprehensive affair featuring the vocal talents of the big-name cast, including Streep, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and newish-comer Amanda Seyfried in a role Mean Girls star and triple-threat-wannabe Lindsay Lohan would most likely kill for.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Staff  |  07-21-2008  |  Reviews

'Mamma Mia!' Big-Screen Musical Drains the Fun Out of ABBAnew

For all its halfhearted stabs at catering to the transatlantic youth market (with a little gift tucked in for the stage show’'s voluminous gay following), Mamma Mia! is a (Shirley) valentine to 50-something we're-not-done-yet broads.
L.A. Weekly  |  Ella Taylor  |  07-18-2008  |  Reviews

A Big Fat Greek Wedding Features the Songs of ABBAnew

Whatever else you think of ABBA, you have to respect great cross-programming. Mamma Mia! opens just as the world's boyfriends and husbands are going off to see their secret boyfriend Batman.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Richard von Busack  |  07-17-2008  |  Reviews

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