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Guillermo del Toro Goes to Hell and Backnew

The point is fun: In any other movie, it'd be a sign that things had gone seriously awry if a red demon and a blue talking fish got together, drank too much Tecate, and started slurring out a drunken duet, but in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, it kind of makes sense.
The Portland Mercury  |  Erik Henriksen  |  07-10-2008  |  Reviews

Indiana Jones Wants You Damn Kids to Get off His Lawn!new

Harrison Ford is, once again, funny and tough and cool, able to crack a bullwhip and punch out a stooge with the best of 'em. But the film doesn't feel the same. There's CG and sci-fi.
The Portland Mercury  |  Erik Henriksen  |  05-23-2008  |  Reviews

How to Stop Worrying and Love Lucas, Spielberg and 'Raiders'new

When I reviewed Raiders, I wrote not so much about its contents -- which struck me as aggressively inane -- but about the experience of seeing it at the Village Twin. To me, everything that night was of a piece, all of it depressing evidence of a tripartite decline.
INDY Week  |  Godfrey Cheshire  |  05-22-2008  |  Reviews

The New Indiana Jones is More than Commercial Gimcracknew

The pressing challenge of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is for Spielberg to address the generation that grew up with Indiana Jones and may now feel they have outgrown him. But to avoid that fickle self-loathing, Spielberg has to raise their appreciation of action-movie tropes.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  05-22-2008  |  Reviews

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