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Ignorance and Stupidity are Leading Too Many People to Avoid Flu Vaccinesnew

There are some parents who don't think that the H1N1 flu will be worse than any other flu, so why bother? I actually agree with them, but they're in the minority of the abstainers. The vast majority of those who are rejecting the vaccine are doing so out of wrongheaded politics or an empty-headed misunderstanding of science.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tom Danehy  |  10-15-2009  |  Science

Mercy Corps is Helping America's Image in Ethiopia One Goat at a Timenew

While Mercy Corps gets major publicity when disasters occur, the nonprofit also works throughout the year on myriad projects. One such effort is in the West Hararghe region in remote eastern Ethiopia, where the group has spent about $1 million since 2002 among the region's estimated 1,000 villages to vaccinate animals in an area the size of Maryland.
Willamette Week  |  Don Lieber  |  05-21-2008  |  International

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