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'Rudo y Cursi': Fraternal Futbolnew

Beto (Diego Luna) and Tato (Gael Garcia Bernal) are half-brother plantation workers in a rural Mexican village where they play on a local soccer team. After talent scout Batuta (Guillermo Francella) catches a weekend scrimmage and offers them representation on rival teams, the two yokels head for Mexico City and sport stardom.
Boise Weekly  |  Jeremiah Wierenga  |  08-26-2009  |  Reviews

'Rudo y Cursi': Just What the Name Saysnew

The reuniting of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna isn't enough to make Rudo y Cursi work.
Eugene Weekly  |  Molly Templeton  |  07-16-2009  |  Reviews

Enfant Terrible's Latest Film Is Not Strange Enoughnew

Diego Luna plays a Michael Jackson impersonator in Gummo director Harmony Korine's strange new film, Mr. Lonely.
Willamette Week  |  Andy Davis  |  06-04-2008  |  Reviews

Harmony Korine Unleashes His Zombies on Celebrity Culturenew

Yes, he makes movies about repellent creatures, but his directorial career -- one of the freak occurrences of the '90s -- is also back from the dead.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  05-01-2008  |  Reviews

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