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'Cadillac Records' Gets Nothing Rightnew

Beyonce Knowles sounds nothing like Etta James, and Cadillac Records is nothing like factual.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  12-08-2008  |  Reviews

'Cadillac Records' is 'Dreamgirls' Litenew

Biopics are by nature formulaic, and music biopics even more so, so it should probably come as no surprise that Cadillac Records, which is essentially several music biopics in one, is all formula, all the time.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Josh Bell  |  12-04-2008  |  Reviews

The Music Soars and the Story Bores in 'Cadillac Records'new

The story obeys the same music-biography conventions that we last saw being parodied in Walk Hard. This film is by Darnell Martin, the writer-director who has largely been confined to TV since his 1994 filmmaking debut I Like It Like That, a movie pitched at Latino audiences at a time when very few other movies were. He doesn't have the advantage here of working in a field where there's no competition, and his sense of drama is incurably hackneyed and unsubtle.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Kristian Lin  |  12-04-2008  |  Reviews

'Cadillac Records' is a Quick-Sketch B-Movie Biopic That Looms Largenew

Darnell Martin's film tells a story of black popular music -- its rapidly changing phases during the 1950s from the blues to race records, from rock 'n' roll to R&B -- with richly exciting characters but not one hint of exoticism.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  12-04-2008  |  Reviews

Match Made in Heaven

Jim Jarmusch and Bill mother@%*#in' Murray reunite for a feature film that brings out the accessible best in them both.
Columbus Alive  |  Melissa Starker  |  08-18-2005  |  Reviews

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