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Poetic Licensenew

The authors of The 9/11 Commission Report may have unwittingly created America's first epic.
Boston Phoenix  |  Daniel Aaron, Leslie Dunton-Downer and Harvey A. Silverglate  |  09-09-2005  |  Nonfiction

Two Views of 9/11new

Whose conspiracy theory to believe: the official one, or those of possible crackpots?
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  09-23-2004  |  Nonfiction

911 Omissions: Who Needs Henry Kissinger, After All?new

The only way to explain the best-seller status of this dry, stiff and cynical book is to understand the 9/11 disaster as a national trauma so intense that the co-dependent American family is still reaching for anything that will assure it.
New York Press  |  Sander Hicks  |  08-26-2004  |  Nonfiction

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