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Understanding the Legacy of John F. Kennedynew

January 20, 1961. On this day 50 years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy began his presidential odyssey. By the time it ended 1000 days later in blood and tears in Dallas, Kennedy had transformed himself from a son of Boston into a citizen of the world.
Boston Phoenix  |  Editorial  |  01-24-2011  |  Commentary

After Massachusetts, What Will Democrats Do?new

Republicans and conservatives are ecstatic that Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate and that the Supreme Court has put the fix in on elections. I'm troubled by both. But I'm also troubled by Democrats who don't seem to know what they want, and who are in a panic over Scott Brown's victory.
City Newspaper  |  Mary Anna Towler  |  02-02-2010  |  Commentary

How Scott Brown Was Able to Win in Massachusettsnew

As the Massachusetts U.S. Senate election unfolded, all that the pols and pundits wanted to talk about was how Martha Coakley managed to lose the race. But there is another part of the story, and that is how Scott Brown managed to win it. To pull off this kind of upset, a lot of things have to go right.
Boston Phoenix  |  David Bernstein  |  01-20-2010  |  Commentary

Patrick Kennedy is a Square Peg in His Family's Historic Round Tablenew

With his father's recent passing, Patrick is now the electoral flag-carrier of the Kennedy clan, and he's representing Rhode Island with a smaller, productive vision.
Boston Phoenix  |  David Scharfenberg  |  09-30-2009  |  Politics

A Look At the Six Still In The Mix in Race for Ted Kennedy's Seatnew

The field may not be finalized, but enough is known to allow us to take a preliminary look at who they are, how the Kennedy legacy might work to their advantage, and how each might or might not end up as the next U.S. senator from Massachusetts.
Boston Phoenix  |  David Bernstein  |  09-17-2009  |  Politics

If Curt Schilling Runs for Senate, Will He Keep His Sports-Media Perch?new

Known for his arm and his mouth, former Red Sox great Curt Schilling is now stretching his legs ... for a possible Senate run for Ted Kennedy's old seat. But he's blaming the media for getting the facts wrong, even though, as a regular contributor to WEEI-AM and, he is the media.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  09-10-2009  |  Media

Ted Kennedy: Awesome and Inspiringnew

Though an invitation-only affair, Kennedy's funeral in the heart of urban Boston was intended for mass consumption -- a fitting contrast for a man who led a privileged life yet fought for the working class and poor.
INDY Week  |  Matt Saldaña  |  09-03-2009  |  Commentary

Who Will Replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate?new

The death of Senator Edward M. Kennedy early Wednesday morning hastens the issue of succession to the seat he has held since he was elected in 1962, a topic that has gripped the state's political class since Kennedy's brain tumor was discovered more than a year ago.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  08-27-2009  |  Politics

Why the Fuss Over a Dying 76-year-old Senator?new

Pardon the following lapse of manners, for it's rather unseemly to write or speak critically of the terminally ill, but the outpouring of media and political grief following Senator Ted Kennedy's diagnosis of brain cancer has me in a real stew.
New York Press  |  Russ Smith  |  06-05-2008  |  Commentary

Reflecting on Ted Kennedynew

Flawed, damaged, far too rotund, Ted Kennedy wasn't the most romantic of the brothers. But he was the one they could pick on -- he was the one who lived.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tim Whitaker  |  06-03-2008  |  Commentary

Barack Obama's Stand-In Performance for Ted Kennedy at Wesleyan Was Low-Keynew

Traffic was light, the weather was beautiful, and parking was a breeze. Security outside consisted of smiling and helpful Wesleyan undergraduates in red "event staff" T-shirts and courteous Wesleyan Public Safety officers. As for demonstrators, I bumped into three standing on the periphery of the event.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Keough  |  05-29-2008  |  Politics

Is a Senate Shuffle on the Horizon for Massachusetts?new

Massachusetts hasn’t had a Senate-seat vacancy in nearly 25 years. Now we may have two. Let the speculation begin.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  05-29-2008  |  Politics

Jello Biafra Answers Michael Savagenew

When news broke of Senator Ted Kennedy's brain tumor, talk-radio host Michael Savage used the occasion to plumb the depths of tastelessness by playing 1979's "California Uber Alles" by -- you got it -- Dead Kennedys. That band's frontman had this to say in return.
Boston Phoenix  |  Lance Gould  |  05-22-2008  |  Media

Never in His Long Career Has Ted Kennedy Been More Vital or Central to Political Lifenew

Forget relevant; Kennedy today seems indispensable. That makes the news that he is suffering from a malignant brain tumor all the more shocking and sobering.
Boston Phoenix  |  Editorial  |  05-21-2008  |  Commentary

Alito Vague on Torture Bannew

Supreme Court nominee hems, haws through Kennedy's questions.
The Village Voice  |  James Ridgeway  |  01-12-2006  |  Crime & Justice

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