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When Switching Sexes, It's Easy to Get Stuck in the Middlenew

There are clear signs of greater understanding that gender identity doesn't always parallel outward biology. But the transgender community still faces harsh treatment and incomprehension from those who prefer the rigid familiarity of society's gender boxes.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  09-24-2009  |  Sex

Those Who Practice Bestiality Say They're Part of the Next Sexual Rights Movementnew

Most researchers believe 2 to 8 percent of the population harbors forbidden desires toward animals. Cody Beck believes he and other members of this minority sexual orientation, who often call themselves "zoos," can follow the same path as the gay rights movement.
Miami New Times  |  Thomas Francis  |  08-24-2009  |  Sex

Is Coming Out Still Relevant?new

National Coming Out Day, which occurred Oct. 11, encourages GLBTQ people to share and celebrate their identities. National Coming Out Day was first observed in 1988. A lot has happened in 20 years.
Shepherd Express  |  Laura Anne Stuart  |  10-17-2008  |  Culture

Family Outing

Dorian Blues is a witty if familiar look at a young man's struggle with sexual identity.
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  01-13-2006  |  Reviews

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