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Alicia Keys Speaks to the Soul on 'The Element of Freedom'new

There are singers for whom song is one thing and one thing only: a church. Alicia Keys is that kind of artist, and for those of us who still look to records for uplift, for comfort, for a soundtrack to our joy and sorrow and fumbling growth, for a way to make sense of the human experience — Alicia is our girl.
The Georgia Straight  |  Tara Henley  |  01-11-2010  |  Reviews

Studio Pros' Fingerprints Found All Over 'As I Am'new

Their influence isn't fatal, but the disc feels less distinctive than it should given the talent of the performer pictured on its cover.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  11-26-2007  |  Reviews

The Alicia Keys Conundrum Continuesnew

Keys' air of confidence and preternaturally soulful rasp initially distracted us from the fact that her songwriting lagged far behind her performing ability.
San Antonio Current  |  Gilbert Garcia  |  11-21-2007  |  Reviews

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