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Heavyweight Championsnew

A Pittsburgh doctor and a lawyer may be World Wrestling Entertainment's real champions. But why do some people think the fix is in?
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  12-02-2010  |  Sports

Sportswriters Can't Decide Whether Steroids is a Black Mark or a Gray Areanew

Baseball scribes would rather moralize about performance-enhancing drugs than make hard decisions about whether their use should keep players out of the Hall of Fame.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  07-27-2009  |  Sports

Questioning Post-Roid Baseballnew

Steroids continue to plague the sport's image. The economy, too, has been as kind to the game as a screaming Big Papi foul ball is to a slow-reacting fan's unprotected mug. Here are nine questions worth mulling over for the game we love.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  04-02-2009  |  Sports

'Bigger, Stronger, Faster' Explores Steroid Culturenew

Our cultural obsession with hulking heroes explains widespread steroid use, according to filmmaker Chris Bell.
East Bay Express  |  Kelly Vance  |  06-04-2008  |  Reviews

Intelligent Steroid Doc Sees Both Sides of the Issuenew

Without endorsing use of the drug, Chris Bell, who's a bodybuilder himself, dives into the heated debates surrounding the maligned practice and finds something pretty damn close to an even-handed portrait, if not a fair and balanced one.
New York Press  |  Eric Kohn  |  05-29-2008  |  Reviews

Washington Babblethonnew

A corrupt and ignorant Congress pontificates on steroids.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Dave Zirin  |  01-28-2008  |  Sports

Broken Bondsnew

Barry Bonds and all of his apologists should be ashamed: He's embarrassed a once-great sport.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tom Danehy  |  12-16-2004  |  Commentary

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