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Vincent's Got A Lot of Buzz and Promisenew

Members of Vincent are lucky if they can find time once a week to rehearse, but the fact that they spend much of their time apart buoys that calm vibe, too, he said.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Jimmy Fowler  |  02-07-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Echoing Disasternew

Never at any time in The Brown Bunny does Vincent Gallo give the impression of being outside the world of the film: in The Brown Bunny, artist and world are one.
Boston Phoenix  |  Chris Fujiwara  |  09-02-2004  |  Reviews

An Interview with Vincent Gallonew

Vincent Gallo loves to talk, as followers of his career as musician, painter, actor, and director will have gathered.
Boston Phoenix  |  Chris Fujiwara  |  09-02-2004  |  Profiles & Interviews

Unmitigated Gallonew

Six angles on The Brown Bunny's vanishing points
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Edward E. Crouse, Susan Gerhard, Chuck Stephens, Cheryl Eddy, Johnny Ray Huston and M.P. Klier  |  09-01-2004  |  Reviews

Like Father, Like Sonnew

Melvin Van Peebles' son Mario pays tribute to his father's groundbreaking blaxploitation film Sweet Sweetback's Baad Asssss Song, and also settles a few old Oedipal scores along the way.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten  |  06-24-2004  |  Reviews

Van Gogh Exhibit Visits Seattlenew

This summer the Seattle Art Museum hosts a stellar collection of paintings by the Dutch artist and other modernists from the collection of Holland’s Kröller-Müller Museum.
Seattle Weekly  |  Andrew Engelson  |  06-08-2004  |  Art

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