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Trendzilla: Harveys Bags Get Sophisticatednew

The husband-and-wife team behind the Harveys name, Dana and Melanie Harvey, spawned the first seatbelt purse in 1997 after installing the restraints in their 1950 Buick.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  09-09-2008  |  Fashion

Trendzilla: Goyard Tote Bagsnew

La Maison Goyard has yet to enter mainstream consciousness, but it has a rich history involving all sorts of fancy things like catering to the whims of maharajahs, kings, queens and dukes.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  08-26-2008  |  Fashion

The Duplass Brothers Give Horror Films a Hipster Twist in 'Baghead'new

The Strangers has already proven that people with bags over their heads are terrifying, but the Duplass Brothers--whose first feature film, The Puffy Chair, is already a cult favorit--have gone out of their way to explore the funny side of a faceless man wearing a brown paper bag.
New York Press  |  Mark Peikert  |  07-24-2008  |  Reviews

Make a Statement With a Bright Handbagnew

Those misshapen, deflated-balloon body bags gals have been dragging around on their shoulders for four or five years now are quickly making an exit -- thankfully.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  04-23-2008  |  Fashion

Rocking the Boat with a Man Pursenew

Call it what you want -- the man bag, the man purse, the murse, the "European carryall" or, as you probably prefer, the "workbag" -- it's nothing to be embarrassed about.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  04-15-2008  |  Fashion

Shattered Illusionsnew

A Prada "store" in the middle of the high Chihuahuan Desert of far West Texas looks like a mirage, but it's actually an art installation.
Houston Press  |  Greg Harman  |  10-31-2005  |  Art

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