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David Byrne Talks Bicycles, New York and Urbanismnew

Byrne is not the kind of cyclist out there proselytizing. He's just a guy who realizes that biking is faster and more convenient and that it feels good. And Byrne makes clear he is not a fanatic. "When I sit down at dinner with people, it's not like I only talk about bicycles," he says.
NOW Magazine  |  Paul Terefenko  |  10-26-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Road to Somewhere: David Byrne's Energizing 'Bicycle Diaries'new

The underlying message here is that while bicycling may be a political movement, it can also be liberating and fun at the same time. I'm hoping Byrne's book now heralds bicycling's offbeat entry into the American mainstream, just as his wacky persona hit the big time thanks to our parents' taste in pop music.
The Portland Mercury  |  Matt Davis  |  09-25-2009  |  Nonfiction

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