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'Taxidermia' is Either Magical Realism or the Most Disturbing Movie You'll Ever Seenew

Some films are tough to watch and others may make you queasy, and then there's Taxidermia, a bizarre, squirmy parade of grotesqueries that requires a titanium-lined stomach to simply endure. In fact, you don't so much watch Gyorgy Palfi's film as sit back and let it happen to you.
Metro Times  |  Corey Hall  |  11-10-2009  |  Reviews

Buried Deep Under the Muck and Sludge of 'Taxidermia' is a Surreal Gemnew

Palfi has crafted a strikingly original film that veers completely out of control in ways that would make David Cronenberg sick. Is it recommended? Only to those who can see past the graphic deviant sex, seas of fluid and some pretty nasty gore.
Willamette Week  |  Ap Kryza  |  08-19-2009  |  Reviews

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