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Gut Reactionnew

Fig & Olive is packed weeks after a salmonella outbreak, but the fallout is far from over.
Washington City Paper  |  Jessica Sidman  |  10-29-2015  |  Food+Drink

How Metro Spun the January Smoke Deathnew

Documents obtained through an open records request show the agency and its consultants scrambling to respond to the January smoke incident—and, for some reason, keeping tabs on a critical Twitter account along the way.
Washington City Paper  |  Will Sommer  |  09-02-2015  |  Transportation

Invisible Tapenew

David Wilson uncovered the existence of a murder confession he says will exonerate him. There's only one problem: Nobody can find it.
Washington City Paper  |  Jim McElhatton  |  08-14-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Club Dreadnew

The feuds, money, and violence behind D.C.'s most notorious megaclub.
Washington City Paper  |  Will Sommer  |  07-30-2015  |  Features

Where the Sidewalk Endsnew

D.C.'s law against blocking the sidewalk makes for an easy arrest.
Washington City Paper  |  Will Sommer  |  05-21-2015  |  Race & Class

A Long Way From Homenew

This winter was supposed to be different for D.C.'s homeless families. What went wrong?
Washington City Paper  |  Aaron Wiener  |  04-01-2015  |  Homelessness

How D.C. Police Responded To My Sexual Assaultnew

The D.C. police response to my sexual assault was better than I’d hoped. What I thought would be a simple phone call turned into a full police investigation followed by comprehensive victim support.
Washington City Paper  |  Christina Cauterucci  |  02-25-2015  |  Crime & Justice

How Washington City Paper Remembers David Carrnew

From 1995 to 2000, David Carr ran Washington City Paper, inspiring a generation of journalists in D.C. and elsewhere. He left the District, and the paper, for New York 15 years ago, but even today, still helps drive City Paper's style and spirit. Here's how some former City Paper staffers and contributors will remember Carr.
Washington City Paper  |  Mike Madden  |  02-13-2015  |  Media

RIP, David Carrnew

David Carr, who edited Washington City Paper from 1995 to 2000, died suddenly Thursday night after he collapsed in the newsroom of the New York Times, where he'd been the media critic since 2002. He was 58.
Washington City Paper  |  Mike Madden  |  02-13-2015  |  Media

D.C. Legalizes Marijuananew

At the pot legalization party, it's not about getting high.
Washington City Paper  |  Perry Stein  |  11-05-2014  |  Elections

Pumpkin Has Gone Too Farnew

Let's be real: Pumpkin isn't actually that great. It's not even the best gourd. And the flavor that most people associate with pumpkin isn't even really pumpkin.
Washington City Paper  |  Jessica Sidman  |  10-09-2014  |  Food+Drink

Haven Is for Realnew

How D.C. churches defied the Reagan administration and helped Central American refugees flee repression in the '80s.
Washington City Paper  |  Siddhartha Mahanta  |  09-17-2014  |  Features

Sex in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Thinknew

Sex in restrooms is a fact of restaurant life. And while D.C. may have a reputation as a buttoned-up town, restaurant and bar owners know better.
Washington City Paper  |  Jessica Sidman  |  04-21-2014  |  Sex

No Place Like Homenew

D.C.'s population of homeless families exploded this winter. Why wasn't the city ready?
Washington City Paper  |  Aaron Wiener  |  03-17-2014  |  Homelessness

A Frenemy with Weednew

Why can't marijuana decriminalization and legalization advocates get along?
Washington City Paper  |  Will Sommer  |  10-24-2013  |  Drugs

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