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Sanders' Shifting Stance on Super PACsnew

Few things differentiate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) from his presidential rivals more than his aversion to super PACs — or so he'd like you to think. The Vermont independent can barely get through a speech or a campaign email without denouncing his opponents for relying upon unlimited contributions to the quasi-independent fundraising entities...
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  07-24-2015  |  Elections

Vermont Publisher First with Sanders Campaign Booknew

Writer and activist Jonathan Tasini was the first to get Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to admit he might run for president. Well, sort of. ...
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  07-24-2015  |  Elections

Will Prison Reform Make Bail Bond Agents Obsolete?new

Vermont's bail bond agents are eager to talk about their trade — and the threats it faces. Their challenges signal major changes brewing in the correctional system.
Seven Days  |  Alicia Freese  |  07-23-2015  |  Policy Issues

A Violent Sex Offender Is Released Into the Public Spotlightnew

One week after completing a 23-year prison sentence for a violent sexual assault, Richard Laws walked through downtown Burlington on a sun-drenched afternoon — a "free" man.
Seven Days  |  Mark Davis  |  04-23-2015  |  Crime & Justice

A Tribute to New York Times Media Critic David Carrnew

The world of journalism has lost one of its greats, a true original at the height of his powers, a man who bridged the worlds of old-school, pavement pounding reporting and the digital age as no one else on the planet has done.
Seven Days  |  Rick Kisonak  |  02-13-2015  |  Media

Vermont Not Immune to Police Militarizationnew

The Pentagon is stocking Vermont with tools of war.
Seven Days  |  Mark Davis  |  11-26-2014  |  War

'Run, Bernie, Run'new

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders tests the Presidential waters.
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  09-17-2014  |  Politics

Can't This Wait 'Til I'm Old?new

Thirty years later, Phish are still in the groove. A Seven Days multimedia feature.
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  11-06-2013  |  Music

The Police Are Following You — on Twitternew

The surprisingly savvy social media efforts of the Vermont State Police.
Seven Days  |  Tyler Machado  |  10-17-2013  |  Tech

Paper Cutsnew

As Gannett orders up layoffs, the Burlington Free Press pays the price.
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  08-08-2013  |  Media

Final Credits for Burlington's Last Local Video Storenew

Waterfront Video outlasted Blockbuster to become Burlington's last video store. But in the end, changing trends couldn't be ignored.
Seven Days  |  Margot Harrison  |  05-02-2013  |  Business & Labor

The Earthiest Roastnew

A gourmet meal is cooked in compost.
Seven Days  |  Corin Hirsch  |  11-20-2012  |  Food+Drink

Convicted Sex Offender Made a New Life in VT With a Soldier's Stolen IDnew

For six years, David P. Oswald III allegedly pulled off a stunning fraud, living under an assumed identity in Vermont.
Seven Days  |  Andy Bromage  |  10-12-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Cruiser-Crushin' Vermont Farmer Becomes an Internet Heronew

To Roger Pion's supporters, this isn't just a weird, only-in-Vermont story providing fodder for the news media. Pion is the everyman, doing what he needs to do to get by in modern America, pushing back when the boot of The Man is on his throat.
Seven Days  |  Tyler Machado  |  08-10-2012  |  Culture

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Doubles Down on "Gestapo" Commentnew

Following a fundraiser for Vermont Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock, Maine Gov. Paul LePage repeated and elaborated on controversial comments he made over the weekend equating the Internal Revenue Service with the Gestapo.
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  07-16-2012  |  Politics

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