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Let's Goat Crazy!new

Pygmy goats are awfully cute, but is the Seattle City Council's bid to equate them with cats and dogs such a good idea in a modern metropolis?
Seattle Weekly  |  John Metcalfe  |  09-18-2007  |  Animal Issues

Miami's Feline Fringe is a Vanishing Breednew

Animal rights activists, alarmist neighbors, and the squeeze of increasingly tighter legislation have pushed Miami's cat people from the city to the suburbs to the farthest edges of town.
Miami New Times  |  Calvin Godfrey  |  09-18-2007  |  Animal Issues

Greyhound Racing Wanesnew

Tracks and breeders struggle as attendance declines.
Houston Press  |  Russell Cobb  |  09-11-2007  |  Animal Issues

Bad Mojonew

The Michael Vick case brought back some unpleasant memories from long ago.
Tucson Weekly  |  Catherine O'Sullivan  |  09-05-2007  |  Animal Issues

Police Taser Dog to Deathnew

The Vermont attorney general is investigating all police use of Tasers.
Seven Days  |  Patrick Ripley  |  09-05-2007  |  Animal Issues

Facebook Activismnew

Last week, Dalhousie University and an animal activist identified as Amy Scott turned Facebook into a bizarre cyber battlefield when they locked horns over the university's use of animals for medical trials.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Mark Bolton  |  08-31-2007  |  Animal Issues

In Memphis, Dogs of Dog Fighters Are Often Killednew

If the owner of a Memphis fighting dog is convicted, the dog is euthanized.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Bianca Phillips  |  08-31-2007  |  Animal Issues

Lead Further Endangers Condorsnew

A California bill would protect state's fragile condor population from lead poisoning -- opponents see it as a disguised attack on hunters.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Daniel Harju  |  08-31-2007  |  Animal Issues

Big Dog Spanks Michael Vicknew

Santa Barbara-based Big Dog Sportswear, with annual sales of more than $200 million, is releasing a new line of T-shirts that ridicule the NFL quarterback.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Martha Sadler  |  08-31-2007  |  Animal Issues

Animal Activist Freednew

Danae Kelley, the 23-year-old animal-rights activist who was jailed after an Aug. 18 protest of Huntingdon Life Sciences, was released from custody last Wednesday after the District Attorney's Office chose not to file charges against her.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Kelly Davis  |  08-30-2007  |  Animal Issues

Ferret Lovenew

They poop, they steal, they smell, they (sometimes) bite -- and they are adored.
Houston Press  |  Richard Connelly  |  08-28-2007  |  Animal Issues

The Circus Under Siegenew

Charges of cruelty follow Ringling Bros. every step of the way.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Pat Sherman  |  08-22-2007  |  Animal Issues

Are B.C.'s Bee Colonies the Latest to Die Off?new

Most of the Canadian beekeeping industry says the huge bee die-off here actually had nothing to do with colony collapse disorder -- instead, it was simply caused by a harsh winter and an outbreak of Varroa destructor mites.
The Georgia Straight  |  Alex Roslin  |  08-20-2007  |  Animal Issues

No-kill Shelters Defend Practicesnew

North Carolina regulators question animal welfare at three large operations.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  08-09-2007  |  Animal Issues

Use of Gassing Challenged in North Carolinanew

As state policymakers propose tightening restrictions on the use of carbon monoxide gas to put homeless companion animals to death, opponents of the practice say it is inhumane under any circumstances.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  08-09-2007  |  Animal Issues

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