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Staring Blank: Spike Jonze’s Intelligence is Artificial

Where Spike Jonze once soared using magical realism — albeit written by someone else — as his guide (see “Being John Malkovich”) he now flounders with a self-penned technology driven story that shrivels before your eyes.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-16-2013  |  Movies

A Family Problem: Not Your Mother’s Meryl Streep

Tracy Letts’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play loses an hour-and-a-half from its original running time, but none of its dramatic impact in the playwright’s own screenplay adaptation.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-16-2013  |  Movies

'Dallas Buyer's Club''s Emotional Rodeonew

Jared Leto (left) and Matthew McConaughey deliver Oscar-worthy performances as people living with AIDS in the ’80s in “Dallas Buyers Club.”
Jackson Free Press  |  Anita Modak-Truran  |  12-13-2013  |  Movies

Fire and Ice: Scott Cooper Delivers on Promise

Scott Cooper’s American character study-thriller bursts at the seams.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-10-2013  |  Movies

Christmas Gush: Emma Thompson Saves The Holidays

A Hollywood tailor made crowd-pleaser, “Saving Mr. Banks” utilizes as much fantasy as fact in the telling of Walt Disney’s tenacious efforts to transform “Mary Poppins” into a movie — with the necessary approval of its popular children’s-book author.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-09-2013  |  Movies

A Sloppy Con: Good Delivery — Bad Form

If awards were handed out for the sloppiest movies, “American Hustle” would be a dead ringer for just such a booby prize.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-09-2013  |  Movies


Formulated as a Nouvelle Vague-styled homage to Howard Hawks’s “Red River,” Peter Bogdanovich’s brilliant adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s 1966 novel is a haunting coming-of-age movie that encapsulates the death of the Old West through the microcosmic prism of a small Texas town.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-06-2013  |  Movies

'The Book Thief': Powerful Storiesnew

"The Book Thief" anchors itself in the reality of war, where true courage can mean ordinary people who keep promises to old friends.
Jackson Free Press  |  Anita Modak-Truran  |  12-05-2013  |  Movies

Juxtapositions in Juareznew

Narco Cultura looks at the unique world of a music genre that glorifies violence.
Tucson Weekly  |  Bob Grimm  |  12-05-2013  |  Movies

New LIRR Massacre Documentary Resurrects Past Horrorsnew

On Dec. 7, 1993 a crowded Long Island Rail Road train left Penn Station at rush hour. As countless Long Islanders can still recall, a tragedy unfolded between New Hyde Park and Merillon Avenue.
Long Island Press  |  Spencer Rumsey  |  12-05-2013  |  Movies


Cole Smithey's weekly classic cinema print and video column.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-03-2013  |  Movies

Just Like T-Bone Burnett’s Blues: The Coen Brothers Deliver Another Ode to American Roots Music

The Coen brothers are master curators of culture.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  12-02-2013  |  Movies

A Losing Proposition: Spike Lee and Korea Don’t Mix

The only usefulness of Lee’s travesty is to alert would-be audiences that they should see, or revisit, Chan-wook Park’s incredible film.
Cityview  |  Cole Smithey  |  11-26-2013  |  Reviews

The Hunger Games: Catching Firenew

The have-nots are coming.
East Bay Express  |  Kelly Vance  |  11-24-2013  |  Reviews

Delivery Man: A flaccid endeavornew

Rating: *1/2
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Matt Brunson  |  11-24-2013  |  Reviews

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