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The Beatles x 100new

How much of the White Album is too much?
North Bay Bohemian  |  Gabe Meline  |  11-15-2013  |  Music

The High Cost of Freenew

A new documentary takes a hard look at how the digital age has eroded the value of music and the ability of musicians to make a living.
East Bay Express  |  Kathleen Richards  |  11-13-2013  |  Music

Buddy Guy is still the real dealnew

Colorado Springs Independent  |  Alan Sculley  |  11-07-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Bluegrass great Peter Rowan scales new heights thanks to a Tibetan mantra singernew

When Peter Rowan was a guitarist and singer with Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys, the legendary mandolinist gave his young protégé some invaluable advice. "He knew I wanted to play other stuff, and he told me, 'Pete, if you can play my kind of music, you can play any kind of music," Rowan says.
Charleston City Paper  |  Stratton Lawrence  |  11-07-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews


Jessie Ware exposes the secret of chart success.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Tom Lanham  |  11-07-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Howe Gelb: The Coincidentalistnew

On his latest album of avant-twang and alternative folk-rock, the Giant Sand leader and Tucson music-scene godfather sings in an almost spoken drawl, by turns gruff and sweet, that may be familiar to longtime fans. But here it's mixed up close, like an intimate, whispered confidence, as if Gelb were spinning old stories in the privacy of your living room...
Tucson Weekly  |  Gene Armstrong  |  11-07-2013  |  Reviews

The Music Issuenew

Here in Detroit, we’re blessed with countless great artists spanning all genres. When you include visiting bands, touring festivals and our renowned performing venues, the verdict is indisputable: Motown is one of music’s critical hubs. So when the Music Issue rolls around, the question isn’t what to include but what not to. We think you’ll like what we did: 
• None More Black: Isenblast
 • Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers 
• Keeping the Demons at Bay: Sleigh Bells 
• MT Staff’s “First and Best” Concerts
Metro Times  |  Brett Callwood, Jeff Milo, Kelly Johnston and MT Staff  |  11-07-2013  |  Music

Can't This Wait 'Til I'm Old?new

Thirty years later, Phish are still in the groove. A Seven Days multimedia feature.
Seven Days  |  Paul Heintz  |  11-06-2013  |  Music

Fall Anticipationnew

After an exciting summer of new releases, music lovers might be left wondering if things could get any better.
Jackson Free Press  |  Briana Robinson  |  10-24-2013  |  Music

Jacco Gardner’s Age of Discoverynew

“I had a quite clear visual image when I made that song,” Jacco Gardner says of “Cabinet of Curiosities.” “It’s from a time when dreams and reality came together in a way … like the first [explorers] who saw an elephant, and they made a drawing of it. It looked like a monster."
Chicago Newcity  |  Dave Cantor  |  10-21-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Chance the Purchasenew

Blind-purchasing music can put your preconceived tastes to the test.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  10-17-2013  |  Music

Beauty Born of Explorationnew

Improvisational act Cave take their experimental ethos to all aspects of their creative process.
Tucson Weekly  |  Joshua Levine  |  10-17-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Hawkwind's Persistent Visionnew

The current incarnation of Hawkwind, including dancers and a light crew, counts about ten people, all dedicated to crafting a stage show to extol the psychedelic virtues of the ensemble’s 1975 work. Brock refers to the album as “the last part of the jigsaw puzzle from the seventies.” And while it was the final album featuring Lemmy on bass, Hawkwind issued several additional long-players during that decade.
Chicago Newcity  |  Dave Cantor  |  10-10-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

Deltron 3030's Long-Awaited Returnnew

The Bay Area hip-hop supergroup's sophomore album picks up where its debut left off.
East Bay Express  |  Nick Veronin  |  10-09-2013  |  Music

Joy Division and New Order co-founder Peter Hook relives a troubled legacynew

The worst insult in the world: "Don't be good, don't play anything yourself, just follow what I do."
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  09-25-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

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