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J.D. Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers: Wild Moonnew

What began as an old-timey unplugged side project for psychobilly trailblazer J.D. Wilkes and his pinup-gorgeous wife, Jessica, has evolved on their third album into a swaggeringly electric band that specializes in swamp blues and twangy garage-abilly. Fans of Wilkes' Legendary Shack Shakers will appreciate the after-midnight roadhouse energy of the Dirt Daubers, but this group also crafts concise songs with oodles of melodic hooks that all might have been hit singles in an alternate jukebox universe...
Tucson Weekly  |  Gene Armstrong  |  01-16-2014  |  Reviews

Earth's Fastest Violinistnew

Juilliard-trained David Garrett won’t talk about departing the Royal College of Music in London after one semester, but he can play 13 notes in one second.
San Diego Reader  |  Andrew Hamlin  |  01-15-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

What a Band Wantsnew

A look inside the odd backstage requests of touring musicians.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  John Schacht  |  01-15-2014  |  Music

Can Tech Talent Help New Bands Thrive?new

Zoo Labs in West Oakland is applying the business incubator model to music groups by integrating entrepreneurship and recording into intensive residency programs.
East Bay Express  |  Sam Levin  |  01-14-2014  |  Music

On the Road, Molinanew

“I met him in Bloomington, right around 1997, when his first record came out,” Jason Evans Groth says. “I worked at the student radio station [at Indiana University] and I remember playing that record a lot. It seemed like otherworldly music to me. … So, when I found out it was him—I think a lot of people’s reaction when they saw Jason the first time was, ‘Jesus, it’s that guy?’ And the second thing is, he talks a lot.”
Chicago Newcity  |  Dave Cantor  |  01-09-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Closing Out 2013—The Year's Best Albumsnew

A Great Big Pile of Leaves and several other exceptional acts provided some much appreciated quality to 2013’s musical offerings.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  01-09-2014  |  Music

After a sex change for its singer, Against Me! returns reinvigoratednew

Laura Jane Grace is the first rock musician to come out as transgender in the midst of fame.
INDY Week  |  Bryan C. Reed  |  01-09-2014  |  Music


East Bay Express  |  Ellen Cushing  |  12-17-2013  |  Reviews

The Buddy Systemnew

Musicians have always formed connections with their contemporaries, whether it be bitter rivalry, close-knit brotherhood or something between the two.
Jackson Free Press  |  Micah Smith  |  12-16-2013  |  Music

Roll On, Johnnew

John Lennon still influences writers and musicians 33 years after his death.
Jackson Free Press  |  Tommy Burton  |  12-06-2013  |  Music

The Vibe of Flow Tribenew

Flow Tribe is a kaleidoscope of sounds inspired by the historic music culture of The Big Easy.
Jackson Free Press  |  Alexis Moody  |  12-05-2013  |  Music

Stairway Back to Heavennew

Some tribute bands are content with adequate recreations of legendary bands' original music. Not Zoso.
Jackson Free Press  |  Tommy Burton  |  12-05-2013  |  Music

Alone, together: Dosh expands his experiment in a vaccumnew

Like the majority of “Milk Money,” its longest track stubbornly develops a recognizable theme and rhythm. Listeners need patience to get there. The album’s cover might be a bit more concretely rooted in the world we all inhabit, but musically? It’s greatly transcendental moments of manipulated keys and surprising, dropped in edits.
Chicago Newcity  |  Dave Cantor  |  12-02-2013  |  Profiles & Interviews

After centuries of silence, Afro-Colombians add their distinct voices to pop culturenew

"More than for us as artists, it's for the people of Chocó. To be able to tell the people in the world that Colombia is much more than cocaine, than marijuana and coffee and violence, right?"
INDY Week  |  Dalia Razo  |  11-22-2013  |  Music

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