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Drugs and Deathnew

The city of Worcester is coming to terms with the fact that it's in the midst of a heroin epidemic.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  08-15-2014  |  Drugs


The bastard son of the digital age, for many, has been the selfie. In this week’s cover story, Worcester area residents join art and college communication professionals who regularly share their selfies on Facebook in discussing whether the selfie is a throw-away moment or the next generation of self-portraiture — and should they survive being stored on computers and websites that’ll eventually become obsolete — will they serve as invaluable historical documents for generations to come?
Worcester Magazine  |  Brian Goslow  |  07-24-2014  |  Culture

Pill Mannew

One man's fight to overcome opiate addiction.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  07-18-2014  |  Drugs

Massachusetts face to face with Lyme disease patient protection billnew

Lyme disease awareness advocates are hopeful that H.4142 (now referred to as H.4259) An Act relative to Lyme Disease treatment coverage will soon become law in Massachusetts. The bill, which earlier this week was referred to the committee on House Ways and Means, would require insurance companies to cover treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Lyme advocates are hopeful that the House will vote on it before the end of July.
Worcester Magazine  |  Wanda Curtis  |  07-10-2014  |  Health

Worcide: Worcester DIY skatepark asks for city supportnew

This cover story takes a look inside a community that created the Worcide DIY skatepark. There have been some hurdles along the way, and there are more to come, but the community as a whole has stood behind the work, hosting fundraisers on behalf of the Worcide crew. The future of the skatepark is uncertain at best, but given the opportunity, Worcide has the potential to become a huge part of Worcester's legacy.
Worcester Magazine  |  Josh Lyford  |  06-19-2014  |  Recreation

President Barack Obama keeps DCU crowd, Worcester Tech grads in awenew

President Barack Obama exhorted Worcester Technical High School graduates to never forget the people who invested in them, to give back to their community and to leave their historic graduation ceremony at the DCU Center Wednesday, June 11 believing every child in America can make it just like them.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  06-13-2014  |  Features

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Feels Heat With Sale to Florida Companynew

An in-depth look at the sale of the Telegram & Gazette in Worcester, Mass. to Florida-based Halifax Media Group.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  06-05-2014  |  Media

New Owner of Worcester Telegram & Gazette No Stranger to Slashing and Cuttingnew

The hatchet is expected to fall inside the headquarters of the 148-year-old Worcester Telegram & Gazette, but just how painful the cuts will be will not be known until after the blow is delivered. While the immediate future of the largest daily newspaper in Central Massachusetts is murky right now, two things are clear: One, the new steward of the T&G has a track record of slashing and cutting staff - and not a perfect record of results once it buys a new product. Two, the man who sold the newspaper to the Halifax Media Group is persona non grata in Worcester.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  05-29-2014  |  Media

A RAW Journeynew

Now, nearly three years after RAW’s official public launch happened in August of 2011, the organization has become exactly that – the United Nations of Crafts. It has combined entrepreneurial spirit and artistic ability with international language, customs and products. RAW artisans range from a Bhutanese stone sculptor to a Rwandan basket weaver to a Central African embroiderer, and those are just a select few of about 20 members.
Worcester Magazine  |  Katie Benoit  |  05-29-2014  |  Culture

Celebrating a piece of American historynew

This year, the Worcester Organ celebrates its 150 anniversary since its first installation at Mechanics Hall. In celebration of this event, 2014 has been dubbed the Year of the Organ, with several organ concerts being held throughout the year in conjunction with the organ’s $85,000 refurbishment in 2013. The Worcester Organ, also known as the Hook Organ, was first installed in 1864 by brothers Elias and George Hook, who arrived in Boston shortly before being hired. It is a 52-stop, 3,504-pipe tracker organ, meaning that the keys and valves are connected mechanically, rather than electrically, similar to how a manual typewriter’s keys are linked. The organ is notable for being the largest and oldest four-keyboard tracker organ in the Western Hemisphere that still remains at its installation site.
Worcester Magazine  |  Chelsey Pan  |  05-15-2014  |  History

The Music and the Town: Jazz Fest New Orleansnew

A look at how the New Orleans Jazz Festival has helped shape the NOLA culture and how Worcester, Mass. could align itself in a similar way.
Worcester Magazine  |  Mike Land  |  05-15-2014  |  Music

Bane's Final Backwards Glancenew

Worcester's Bane has been one of hardcore's stalwarts, and through sheer hard work, honesty and musicianship they have toured the world and undoubtedly become one of the most beloved bands within the community. Now, nearly 20 years since their inception, Bane will be writing a final chapter to their story and, true to fashion, they are doing it their own way.
Worcester Magazine  |  Josh Lyford  |  05-08-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Face of Feminismnew

With so many women now connecting and sharing their challenges and hopes, a new form of feminism is emerging. One that is multi-limbed like Vishnu, reaching in many directions, with many faces, seeking a variety of improvements in the lives of women the world over. So what is feminism now?
Worcester Magazine  |  Lynne Hedvig  |  04-21-2014  |  Culture

Seeking Asylumnew

Members of the LGBT community may not always feel welcome in this country, but if they met “Christina,” their perspective just might change. She is among the thousands who have fled their home countries over the years, not to come to the US and get a free ride, but because their very lives are in danger if they do not leave.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  04-10-2014  |  LGBT


Sick of genetically modified, waxy cucumbers? Of oversized, tasteless strawberries? Of hormone-injected meat products? Then think about trying a CSA this summer and fall…because nothing beats homegrown, local and fresh.
Worcester Magazine  |  Katie Benoit  |  04-04-2014  |  Food+Drink

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