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Republicans Balance Arizona's Budget, but at What Cost?new

Republicans balance the state budget on the backs of the working poor, the universities and the state parks.
Tucson Weekly  |  Jim Nintzel  |  04-11-2011  |  Politics

How the District's Children Dienew

Every year between 130 and 160 children and youth die in the District -- by murder, by suicide, by infection, by falls, by a fire that broke out from a candle being used to heat a house, by neglect.
Washington City Paper  |  Jason Cherkis  |  09-04-2009  |  Children & Families

Dallas' Homeless Turn To The Bridge for Food, Shelter and a New Startnew

Dallas' homeless shelter is a city-subsidized success story. From its troubled beginning, The Bridge faced fierce opposition, criticism and nagging doubts. Yet in its first year of operation, it placed more than 400 people into housing and assisted nearly 800 with finding jobs.
Dallas Observer  |  Sam Merten  |  08-31-2009  |  Housing & Development

"He Just Went Off"new

On Jan. 26, Osman Abdullahi was killed by police after attacking a fellow resident at a group home for the mentally ill in Washington, D.C. The question no one can answer: What was he doing there to begin with?
Washington City Paper  |  Jason Cherkis  |  02-12-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Whose Side Are the Angels On?new

A new generation of activists is fighting to clean up the Tenderloin -- frequently dubbed San Francisco's worst neighborhood. The neighborhood’s churches are standing in their way.
SF Weekly  |  Peter Jamison  |  02-04-2009  |  Economy

Madoff Kicks the Racial Gap in the Crotchnew

The Racial Disparity Project’s donors invested with embattled investor Bernard Madoff, and can’t afford to be nearly as charitable this year.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  01-26-2009  |  Economy

Rising Homeless Population Finds a Way to Express Itselfnew

A Boulder cafe hosts an exhibit of work by homeless artists to raise funds for a local social services organization.
Boulder Weekly  |  Dylan Otto Krider  |  01-23-2009  |  Art

Illinois Gov's Cuts to Drug-Treatment Programs Will Have Wide-Reaching Effectsnew

Under Blago's ax, drug-treatment centers around the state will lose $55 million in state funds. This amount might sound like pocket change in the context of the state's big fat coffers. To the network of drug-treatment service providers, however, it's about half of their budget -- and that's just the first domino of many that will fall.
Illinois Times  |  Dusty Rhodes  |  07-21-2008  |  Drugs

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