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Transforming the Bird: Inventive Takes on Turkey Leftoversnew

Thanksgiving is my hands-down favorite holiday. No gift-giving pressures. No nonstop frenzied commercialization. Lots of playtime with local ingredients. And yes, I even like the leftovers. In fact, I probably look forward to the bird carcass more than any other aspect of Turkey Day. With recipe for Spicy, Exotic Turkey Noodle Soup.
Isthmus  |  Terese Allen  |  11-24-2008  |  Food+Drink

Fatih Akin Returns to Fiction in 'The Edge of Heaven'new

Over the course of two features, one documentary and a handful of shorts, Akin has devoted himself to depicting the lives of Turks within present-day Germany, and the complicated relationship between the two countries.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Sam Adams  |  07-31-2008  |  Reviews

Iraq Needs Another Invasion Like We Need Another Warnew

The most recent disaster in Iraq is nearly 100 years in the making, with Turkey massing 100,000 troops on the border with Kurdish northern Iraq, erasing whatever gains might have been reaped from the recent drop-off in casualties.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  David Faris  |  11-06-2007  |  Commentary

Report from Turkey: Another Reason for U.S. to Worry

This longtime ally is steaming mad because the Iraq War is spilling over its borders.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  06-19-2007  |  International

Wild Turkeynew

Driving in the dark two hours before the sun is scheduled to rise, my new friend Dan Hartman and I are playing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" for grown-ups.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Jared Neumark  |  04-26-2006  |  Sports

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