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"Go the Fuck to Sleep"new

A profane kids' book for adults.
SF Weekly  |  Jonathan Kiefer  |  06-01-2011  |  Books

Paging Of Montrealnew

What's Weird? chronicles the Athens band's idiosyncratic look.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Chris Hassiotis  |  05-16-2011  |  Books

Hope, But Not Without Historynew

Lynne Bryant interprets the South of her childhood in Catfish Alley.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Claire Swinford  |  04-28-2011  |  Books

Behind the Controversial Anthology of Rapnew

Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. called The Anthology of Rap "an essential contribution to our living literary tradition," while Chuck D said it "might just break the commercial trance that's had rap in a chokehold for the past several years." But it's also the hip-hop tale of AWOL fathers and fractured identities, of bitter duels and fiery smackdowns.
Westword  |  Joel Warner  |  04-25-2011  |  Books

Print vs. Pixels: Should Green-Minded Readers Switch to E-Books?new

I love books. I still have the paperback of Wuthering Heights I bought in 1978 for 95 cents, though I can access its complete text on my iPhone. I remember the sights and smells of all my favorite bookstores and libraries, from Burlington to Boston to Berkeley to Paris. So, why am I considering buying an e-reader?
Seven Days  |  Margot Harrison  |  04-15-2011  |  Books

Henry Rollins Ages Against the Machinenew

Henry Rollins has no problem filling two hours with talk. Taking nary a sip of water, he motored through a sold-out seated show at The Independent in San Francisco Saturday night.
East Bay Express  |  George Chen  |  04-14-2011  |  Books

Deadly Currents: Full Speed Aheadnew

Author Beth Groundwater dishes on her new novel, Deadly Currents, and steering a course in the writing biz.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Claire Swinford  |  03-21-2011  |  Books

Media Mattersnew

Will eBooks and audio books eventually replace print on paper?
Tucson Weekly  |  Jonathan Lowe  |  03-09-2011  |  Books

C'mon Baby, Light My Firenew

Author Steven Hayward tells a story of conflagrations, family and at least five Jim Morrisons in Don't Be Afraid.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Claire Swinford  |  02-17-2011  |  Books

After 20 years, Atlanta's Kevin Young Publishes the Epic Ardencynew

Young's book of poems explores America through the voices of a slave ship Amistad's rebels.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Wyatt Williams  |  02-14-2011  |  Books

20 Astoundingly Bad Romance Novel Coversnew

Moaning, groaning, and oiled-hunk-boning with Uncle Walter & Co.
Boston Phoenix  |  Uncle Walter and the Wife  |  02-10-2011  |  Books

The House of Ackermannew

Forrest J. Ackerman was probably the worst’s foremost collector of fantasy film memorabilia, as well as one of its most passionate proponents.
YES! Weekly  |  Mark Burger  |  01-21-2011  |  Books

What Happened After MLK Died?new

Rebecca Burns examines the week following Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination in her new book, Burial for a King.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Wyatt Williams  |  01-17-2011  |  Books

Mark Twain Minus the N-Wordnew

Can’t anybody teach anymore?
NOW Magazine  |  Susan G. Cole  |  01-05-2011  |  Books

America's Most Dangerous Publishernew

For Adam Parfrey, publishing the Unabomber's book is all in a day's work.
Seattle Weekly  |  Ellis E. Conklin  |  11-29-2010  |  Books

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