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The Top 500 Games of All Timenew

Super Smash Brothers to Pac Man.
Boston Phoenix  |  Phoenix Staff  |  01-05-2011  |  Video Games

Spidey Takes on Multiple Looks in "Shattered Dimensions"new

While there are typical moments found in previous Spidey video games, there are some surprises that make the action rather intense and interesting.
Boise Weekly  |  Michael Lafferty  |  11-05-2010  |  Video Games

The Joys of Zombie Bashing: "Dead Rising 2"new

Storyline? Who cares? It has zombies, bashing, blood and gore.
Boise Weekly  |  Michael Lafferty  |  11-04-2010  |  Video Games

She is Samus, Hear Her Roarnew

What Metroid: Other M tells us about Samus Aran and other female video-game characters.
Orlando Weekly  |  Aaron Conklin  |  09-09-2010  |  Video Games

'Mass Effect' Sequel is Dark and Intensenew

Mass Effect 2 (Electronic Arts; Xbox 360; rated mature), the second installment in a planned trilogy, takes place two years after Commander Shepard saved civilization from destruction by a horde of machines.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  02-18-2010  |  Video Games

Colorful Plastic's Answer to 'World of Warcraft' Is the Brainchild of NetDevilnew

Spencer and Braxton Jones have to get off this spaceship. It's teetering on the brink of a black hole. The only way out is via the ship's escape rockets, but there's a catch: The rockets' components are scattered all about the spaceship, in the form of little plastic blocks.
Westword  |  Joel Warner  |  01-11-2010  |  Video Games

Gift Guide: Gimme Gadgetsnew

In the time-honored American tradition of radical individualism, I've decided to bring the focus of my annual gift guide back to me, me, me. These are things I want, and I promise to write you a lilac-scented thank-you note if you buy them for me.
Tucson Weekly  |  Saxon Burns  |  11-18-2009  |  Video Games

Gamers, Rock On: 'Brütal Legend' Melts Faces with Sheer Musicnew

My two favorite things in the entire world are music and games. But until now, game developers and publishers simply hadn't found that perfect mix of music and gaming that I've been longing for. That's all changed with Brütal Legend.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  10-22-2009  |  Video Games

Players Only: A Peek Inside the World of Harmonixnew

Harmonix Music Systems is a Cambridge video-game company behind the Rock Band franchise and Guitar Hero. You may have seen the ad for its upcoming Beatles game -- it was recently playing on 100-foot screens behind Sir Paul at Fenway.
Boston Phoenix  |  Matt Parish  |  08-19-2009  |  Video Games

'Second Skin' Documentary Brings Audiences Inside Gamers' Virtual Worldsnew

A look at the film that gives audiences a tantalizing glimpse inside the games where 50 million players inhabit virtual lives as their computer-generated alter egos.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Jill Thomas  |  08-13-2009  |  Video Games

'Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood' Slings Past its Many Faultsnew

Replicating the distinctive look and tone of many gun-slinging classics, the Polish developers Techland tiptoe the split-rail fence separating homage from imitation, crafting a first-person shooter with enough escapist, six-gun fun to counterbalance its many faults.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Ben Richardson  |  07-22-2009  |  Video Games

The Movie-to-Game Transition Is Improvingnew

Ghostbusters and The Chronicles of Riddick prove we've come a long way since E.T.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  07-09-2009  |  Video Games

Swinging Through the Thermonuclear Future with 'Bionic Commando'new

In all, Bionic Commando is a mixed bag. The game's enjoyable, but too many missteps keep it from being absolutely kick-ass. In fact, if not for the sheer awesomeness of Spencer's bionic arm, this game would've failed.
Metro Times  |  Bryant Franks  |  06-30-2009  |  Video Games

Gaming Company Radical Entertainment Bets on Original 'Prototype'new

Many video games are adapted from movies, comic books, and other material, but Prototype, the latest title from game-development studio Radical Entertainment, is based on a completely original concept.
The Georgia Straight  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  06-22-2009  |  Video Games

Calgary Company Introduces a Quantum Leap in Headphone Designnew

Despite advances in audio technology, the design of the typical headphone speaker hasn't changed much in the past century. Until now, that is.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  05-07-2009  |  Video Games

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