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The Cheese Issuenew

Cheese means never having to explain your love. And love means never having to say you’re sorry. And you should never feel sorry loving cheese. We don’t. Cheese.
Dig Boston  |  Dig Staff  |  01-17-2014  |  Food+Drink

More Picky Vegetariannew

The one type of "sandwich" that lends itself well to almost any ingredient or lifestyle is a quesadilla.
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  01-16-2014  |  Food+Drink

Gewürztraminer: It's in your facenew

Given its tropical character and its warmth, gewürztraminer is most appropriate in winter.
INDY Week  |  Adam Sobsey  |  01-09-2014  |  Food+Drink

Worcester Restaurants Counter IRS Rule Change to Automatic Gratuitiesnew

A move by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that now subjects automatic gratuities at restaurants to payroll taxes has many restaurants doing away with including tips in the overall bill for large groups of customers. It is what one local restaurateur calls a “foolish” move.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  01-09-2014  |  Food+Drink

Eat Your Vegetablesnew

While being a vegetarian is a seemingly easy avenue to being healthy, it’s easy to create more bad habits.
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  01-06-2014  |  Food+Drink

What if there had been no West African influence on Southern cooking?new

Southern cuisine is the result of a splendid cultural convergence, deriving from the intersection of three foodways: British, Native American, and West African.
Charleston City Paper  |  Robert Moss  |  01-01-2014  |  Food+Drink

What to pair with dessert winesnew

Dessert wines can be far more complex and satisfying than any solid dessert—and they're fat-free, too.
INDY Week  |  Adam Sobsey  |  12-11-2013  |  Food+Drink

Eight steps to ordering wine like a bossnew

You don't need to overthink it. Here are eight easy steps to ordering wine like a boss.
Charleston City Paper  |  David McCarus  |  12-11-2013  |  Food+Drink

Baking Club Rulesnew

Baking chocolate chip cookies is easy if you understand the rules.
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  12-05-2013  |  Food+Drink

FDA May Torpedo Food Movementnew

New rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act could adversely affect small organic farms.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jim Pathfinder Ewing  |  11-15-2013  |  Food+Drink

The Growler Rushnew

Oregon's new beverage boom has ushered in a new era for libations: the era of the reusable container.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alexandra Notman  |  11-15-2013  |  Food+Drink

An apple a day can really keep the doctor awaynew

As the refreshing cool temperatures inspire evening walks and oyster roasts, fall also ushers in the start of cold and flu season. While many will slip into a state of germ-phobic hand sanitizing, there are others taking a more proactive approach to their health and wellness.
Charleston City Paper  |  Nikki Seibert  |  11-01-2013  |  Food+Drink

Backyard Hen Soupnew

Instead of giving Mrs. Buttercuppy the snuff when she stops laying, some urban chicken keepers are simply abandoning her. As a result, animal shelters from coast to coast are dealing with unprecedented numbers of discarded hens. Making soup is the ethical, tasty alternative.
Weekly Alibi  |  Ari LeVaux  |  10-31-2013  |  Food+Drink

Tricky Treatsnew

Candy-coated strawberries are a classic, and turning them into little ghosts is easier than you think.
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  10-24-2013  |  Food+Drink

GMO Labels: A Democratic Path Forwardnew

The anti-labeling side needs to accept that labels are coming, and its members should get on board, and help make them meaningful.
Weekly Alibi  |  Ari LeVaux  |  10-07-2013  |  Food+Drink

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