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The Sweet Side of Okranew

Okra muffins are a great way to sneak in an unexpected vegetable.
Jackson Free Press  |  Dawn Macke  |  08-04-2013  |  Food+Drink

Drinking School is in Sessionnew

Bone up on your drink-making skills with these five summer releases.
Charleston City Paper  |  Erica Jackson Curran  |  07-31-2013  |  Food+Drink

Smoky Ballistic Blonde Salmonnew

Whereas some fancy recipes might suggest poaching your fish in wine with vegetables, I suggest letting it swim in a nice, cold citrus bath with beer, and then cook over a low fire infused with apple wood.
Jackson Free Press  |  Dawn Macke  |  07-29-2013  |  Food+Drink

Brine, Baby, Brinenew

With brining, salt water enters the meat's cells while water flows out. As the salt flows in, it begins to break down some of the cell proteins, making it possible for more water to flow into the meat. This process results in more flavor and less moisture loss during cooking, yielding meat that is deeply seasoned and extra juicy.
Jackson Free Press  |  Dawn Macke  |  07-29-2013  |  Food+Drink

From Beer to Eternitynew

A look at Boston's beer past, present, and future.
Dig Boston  |  Heather Vandenengel  |  07-18-2013  |  Food+Drink

Cork Screwednew

In the world of wine, what is better: cork or cap screw?
Worcester Magazine  |  Al Vuona  |  07-03-2013  |  Food+Drink

Melon for All Seasonsnew

Try your hand at an unusual canteloupe recipe or two while they are in season.
Jackson Free Press  |  Dawn Macke  |  07-01-2013  |  Food+Drink

The Future of Big Chickennew

Georgia's orchestrating a makeover of the world's most popular meat. Which gamble will determine the future of chicken?
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Wyatt Williams  |  06-27-2013  |  Food+Drink

Proactive Food for Thoughtnew

The documentary “Forks Over Knives” strives to promote natural food, such as organic milk.
Jackson Free Press  |  Casey Purvis  |  06-24-2013  |  Food+Drink

Guilty Pleasuresnew

Cookies that combine four different guilty pleasures are sure to hit the spot.
Jackson Free Press  |  Dawn Macke  |  06-24-2013  |  Food+Drink

Selling Out Moonshinenew

Business is killing a culture as North Carolinian as NASCAR, one jar at a time.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Ana McKenzie  |  06-19-2013  |  Food+Drink

Do Drop Innew

"When life gives you lemons, make lemon drop martinis!" The next time you plan a summer cocktail party, be sure to include this beautiful, smooth and refreshing creation, the Lemon Drop martini.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jane Flood  |  06-13-2013  |  Food+Drink


Roland “Nightrocker” Fuentes offers the least ladylike “ladies’ night” I’ve ever seen. For girls who just wanna have fun — and by fun I mean slamming 50-cent tequila shots, watching half-naked dancers waggle their tits, and listening to rap-rock — the newly revamped Nightrocker Live offers good times in excess. If you equate “ladies’ night” with cheap cosmos and low-cal appetizers, however, this ain’t the place for you.
San Antonio Current  |  Callie Enlow  |  06-05-2013  |  Food+Drink

Sweet Sangria Popnew

Sangria popsicles are a fun summer twist on a favorite beverage.
Jackson Free Press  |  Kathleen M. Mitchell  |  05-30-2013  |  Food+Drink

What’s the Big Deal With Monsanto?new

If you're concerned about the future of organic food and farming, the May 25th March Against Monsanto is a tangible way of expressing your concern.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jim Pathfinder Ewing  |  05-28-2013  |  Food+Drink

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