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Pittsburgh City Paper Prints Spanish Issue in Response to Proposed Lawnew

In response to a proposed law to make English the official language of Pennsylvania, a special Spanish edition of Pittsburgh City Paper is on newsstands this week.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  |  10-28-2011  4:19 pm  |  Industry News

Pittsburgh City Paper Launches New Look in the New Year

Pittsburgh City Paper, the city’s leading arts & entertainment newsweekly, kicks off 2011 and its 20th year anniversary with a redesigned logo, layout and added features. (FULL STORY)
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  01-18-2011  12:12 pm  |  Press Releases

Investigative Reporting Ideas and Other Tips

Content from the investigative reporting story generation panel at the Toronto Convention is now available in the AAN resource library. (FULL STORY)
07-20-2010  12:48 pm  |  Association News

Alt-Weekly Petitions to Unseal Local Publisher's Divorce Recordsnew

Richard Mellon Scaife, the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, has been in the courts for the past few years battling a contentious divorce dispute with his wife. The case has been kept tightly under wraps, and Pittsburgh City Paper is asking a judge to open some of the records. "We're asking the court to release the decree sealing the case, so that we, and the public, can understand why even courtroom testimony in this case is under wraps," editor Chris Potter writes. The alt-weekly, which is being represented by the ACLU, is also asking a judge to open up the case's docket, "in order to keep abreast of future developments." The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that attorneys for Scaife and his wife don't want City Paper to obtain either, saying the request poses a risk to their client's privacy and safety. "As soon as they get it, it's going to end up in a newspaper," Scaife's lead attorney H. Yale Gutnick said in court.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  05-01-2009  9:35 am  |  Industry News

Potter to Succeed Newman as City Paper Editornew

Chris Potter has been named Andy Newman's replacement as editor of Pittsburgh City Paper, reports Pittsburgh Business Times. "It was a huge surprise to me," says Potter, who has been the paper's managing editor since he and Newman came over from the now-defunct In Pittsburgh Newsweekly seven years ago. Potter will take over the position in November, after the City Paper's annual Best of Pittsburgh issue. "[Potter and I] have been conjoined for almost 10 years," Newman tells reporter Tim Schooley. "It's a very delicate procedure, but I think we'll both go on to lead productive lives."
Pittsburgh Business Times  |  09-07-2004  1:03 pm  |  Industry News

Steel City Media Hit by Anthrax Scarenew

Pittsburgh City Paper and its sister radio station were under brief lockdown after radio host Jim Quinn received a suspicious letter. "We sat around, telling jokes we laughed a little too hard at," while a hazmat crew with disposable clothing searched the trash, Managing Editor Chris Potter writes.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  10-17-2001  12:16 pm  |  Industry News