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Faux-Alt Metromix to Cease Publication in Indianapolisnew

Gannett's Indianapolis Star will no longer print its free weekly publication, Metromix.
Indianapolis Business Journal  |  06-15-2011  5:07 pm  |  Industry News

Recycled Paper Eases Alt-Weekly's Eco Impact

Kevin McKinney, editor and publisher of Indianapolis's NUVO, subscribes to the tenets of reduce, reuse and recycle. Such thinking led to the alt-weekly's recent move to print on paper with nearly 80 percent recycled content. "We had gotten all our process worked out, so now we could look at more environmentally friendly options," says production manager Mike Fox (pictured). A box of factoids on NUVO's table of contents page lists the resources saved annually by printing on this paper, 6,256 trees and 442,777 gallons of water among them. And, says McKinney, "there's no noticeable difference in photos or art and no change in cost." (FULL STORY)
Amy Souza  |  08-25-2004  12:55 pm  |  Industry News

Harrison Ullmann: Indiana's Dean of Alt Journalism

NUVO's Tribute Issue to be Published Later This Week. (FULL STORY)
Amanda Fazzone  |  04-24-2000  11:50 am  |  Industry News