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One of Spokane's Alt-Weeklies Stops Publishingnew

The last issue of The Local Planet, an AAN-member paper in Spokane, Wash., was distributed July 8. A year ago, publisher Matt Spaur's wife, founding editor Connye Miller, died, and Spaur said he no longer had the interest or energy to keep publishing. During the "feisty" paper's four-year run, it "poked at Spokane's conservative establishment and took readers on irreverent romps through the region's political, music and dating scenes," The Spokesman-Review's John Stucke writes. Spokane is home to another AAN member, The Pacific Northwest Inlander.
The Spokesman-Review  |  07-20-2004  11:23 am  |  Industry News

Publisher: "Why I'm Selling The Local Planet Weekly"new

After three stressful years during which his wife and co-founder passed away and two of his stepchildren were diagnosed with chronic illnesses, Matthew Spaur says he decided to sell because he "no longer (has) the energy to give (the) newspaper the leadership it deserves." Taking over the smaller of Spokane's two alternative weeklies is a partnership led by Paulette Burgess, a former writer for the paper and recent editor of the local city mag.
The Local Planet Weekly  |  11-13-2003  11:11 am  |  Industry News

Co-Founder of Alternative Paper in Spokane Dies at 37new

The Local Planet Weekly's Founding Editor and Co-Publisher, Connye Miller, died June 15 of complications related to the rare disease porphyria. Matt Spaur, her husband and co-publisher, remembers her in 475 words of poetry, pain and love.
Local Planet Weekly  |  06-21-2003  1:33 pm  |  Industry News

New Member, New Name (New Motto Too!)new

The Local Planet of Spokane, Wash., which was approved for AAN membership last month in New Orleans, is changing its name to The Local Planet Weekly. President and Co-Publisher Matthew Spaur credits Folio Weekly Publisher Sam Taylor for the suggestion: “He said it would add $100,000 to our value. I’m still waiting for the check,” Spaur jokes in a news release posted on the AAN Web site.
The Local Planet Weekly Press Release  |  08-20-2001  6:21 am  |  Industry News