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Providence Phoenix To Cease Publication

Farewell issue to be distributed on October 16. (FULL STORY)
Providence Phoenix  |  10-09-2014  5:00 pm  |  Press Releases

Boston Phoenix Publisher: 'Change is the engine that drives us all'new

Phoenix Media publisher & chairman Stephen Mindich reflects on the final issue of the Boston Phoenix, which will relaunch next week as a glossy called The Phoenix.
Boston Phoenix  |  09-13-2012  4:04 pm  |  Industry News

Boston Phoenix Publisher Recognized by AIDS Walk Bostonnew

AIDS Walk Boston, which took place last weekend, turned 25 this year, and to mark the milestone, walk organizer AIDS Action honored 25 individuals whose contributions to the fight against AIDS have been invaluable. Phoenix publisher Bradley Mindich was one of them. He was lauded for his decision to distribute safer sex kit in every issue of the paper in 1987, as well as the Phoenix's long association with the AIDS Walk. After distributing the kit, Mindich was called a "murderer" in the pages of the Boston Herald and Boston Archdiocese newspaper The Pilot for making birth control freely available, according to AIDS Action.
AIDS Action  |  06-09-2010  8:38 am  |  Industry News

Boston's Alt-Weeklies Draw Heavily from Boston University Studentsnew

Both the Boston Phoenix and Boston's Weekly Dig have been "a springboard" for journalists from the university, BU Daily reports. Among the alums on the Beantown alt-weekly scene are Phoenix founder Stephen Mindich and senior managing editor Clif Garboden; Dig art director Tak Toyoshima and staff writer Chris Faraone; and countless others, including former Phoenix reporter Kristen Lombardi, who broke the story of Cardinal Bernard Law's protection of pedophile priests, and former Phoenix media critic Mark Jurkowitz, who is currently the associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. "[BU] is a great resource for us," says Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence. "These kids come out with great energy and a sense that they want to do something different."
BU Today  |  05-07-2008  10:36 am  |  Industry News

Phoenix Publisher's Wife Gets a Daytime TV Show

Judge Maria Lopez's eponymous show will join the ranks of syndicated daytime courtroom shows on Monday, the Provincetown Banner reports. Lopez is a former Massachusetts Superior Court judge and the wife of Phoenix Media Communications Group Publisher Stephen Mindich.

Related: Mindich tells the Lowell Sun that Lopez is "having the best time of her life."
09-07-2006  12:51 pm  |  Industry News

Boston's Phoenix and Weekly Dig Set to Tanglenew

Steve Bailey of the Boston Globe looks at the impending battle between Boston Phoenix and Boston's Weekly Dig. He writes that "others have tried to take on [Phoenix publisher Stephen] Mindich and failed," and that the owners of Boston and Philadelphia magazines "have bought the five-year-old Weekly Dig with plans to pour in the resources and turn up the heat on the Phoenix." Bailey paints a picture of Old Guard vs. Youth Movement, of Champion vs. Challenger, before surmising, "More newspapers are better than fewer newspapers."
Boston Globe  |  11-19-2004  1:28 pm  |  Industry News

Boston Phoenix Links to Video Footage of Daniel Pearl's Murdernew

"This is the the single most gruesome, horrible, despicable, and horrifying thing I've ever seen,'' Boston Phoenix Publisher Stephen Mindich says in an editorial accompanying his paper's link to the unedited video showing Pearl's decapitation. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Mindich decried the fact that the tape had not been more widely viewed and discussed.
Boston Globe  |  06-04-2002  11:32 pm  |  Industry News

Mindich Plans Supreme Court Appeal of Contempt Chargenew

Boston Phoenix Publisher Stephen Mindich faces a June 4 contempt hearing for his refusal to turn over his e-mails in a case involving his wife, Superior Court Judge Maria I. Lopez, the Boston Herald reports. A Massachusettes judicial commission investigating Lopez' handling of an attempted rape case issued the subpoena for Mindich's e-mails. Mindich's lawyer, Harvey Silvergate, says he has advised his client not to comply with the subpoena. ``When a court order is unconstitutional, one has a right to appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court,'' Silvergate tells the Herald.
Boston Herald  |  05-23-2002  10:08 am  |  Industry News

Phoenix Publisher Stephen Mindich to Fight Subpoenasnew

A court has ordered Mindich to release his private emails concerning a rape case in which his wife Maria Lopez was judge. Friends and family of the victim say the sentence Lopez gave the defendant was too lenient and claim Mindich’s emails are part of a “whisper campaign” to discredit the victim. Mindich says the content of the emails is irrelevant and that he’s ready to go to the Supreme Court if necessary to prove his private correspondence is private.
Boston Herald  |  07-13-2001  11:50 am  |  Industry News

Worcester Phoenix Closes Doors

AAN-competitor Worcester Magazine still standing. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  05-02-2001  11:49 am  |  Industry News

MicroVoice, AAN Papers Sued

Patent Pasha Ronald Katz Claims Infringement. (FULL STORY)
Cory Zurowski  |  02-22-1999  11:51 am  |  Industry News