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Village Voice Theater Critic Named Pulitzer Finalistnew

While he didn't win the top prize, Michael Feingold was one of three Pulitzer finalists this year for criticism. Feingold was recognized by the Pulitzer board for his "engaging, authoritative drama reviews that fuse passion and knowledge as he helps readers understand what makes a play or a performance successful."
The Village Voice  |  04-12-2010  4:34 pm  |  Industry News

Creative Loafing Critic Finds Himself in Conflict-of-Interest Controversynew

St. Petersburg Times journalist John Fleming claims that CL theater critic Mark E. Leib faces a conflict of interest working as both a critic and a playwright in the Tampa Bay area, and that objectively reviewing plays at a theater that also happens to be staging one of Leib's works should be frowned upon. "I've been theater critic for Creative Loafing for more than ten years, and this is the first time that anyone has suggested that my opinions have been influenced by any sort of favoritism for any sort of reason," Leib writes. "I don't like it and I'm not going to sit back quietly while it happens." MORE: Village Voice critic Michael Feingold, who is also a playwright, offers his take.
Creative Loafing (Sarasota)  |  01-27-2009  9:48 am  |  Industry News

Village Voice Staff Writer Michael Feingold's Play Opens in New York

Japanoir previews Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th; opening Sunday, June 8th in the (FULL STORY)
Village Voice Press Release  |  06-10-2008  7:58 am  |  Press Releases

Vaclav Havel Finally Picks Up His Village Voice Obiesnew

The first president of the Czech Republic, who won Off-Broadway's highest honor for plays he wrote in 1968, 1970 and 1984, was feted this week at New York's Public Theater. "Havel was previously unable to collect his Obie Awards in person," says the Voice, "because, following the New York opening of (his 1968 prizewinner) The Memorandum, he returned to his home in Prague, where he was almost immediately placed under house arrest by the then Soviet-controlled government of Czechoslovakia." The Voice's chief theater critic and current Obie committee chairman, Michael Feingold, presented Havel with a special certificate attesting to the three awards.
The Village Voice  |  12-08-2006  11:23 am  |  Industry News