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July AAN CAN Contest Winner Enjoys New York

Marc Desilets, the senior classified sales representative at Tucson Weekly, collected his AAN CAN prize and traveled to New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday. Desilets won the three-night trip for two by selling $43,095 in national ads during the summer 2005 AAN CAN contest. (FULL STORY)
AAN Staff  |  12-02-2005  3:42 pm  |  Association News

Real Musicians Have Day Jobs

They need to make a living but can't afford to let the conformity demanded by some day jobs sap their creative spirit. Independent Weekly's Leslie Land, Tucson Weekly's Marc Desilets and others explain the migration of musicians to the classified sales departments of alternative newsweeklies. What's the appeal? Good pay, good vibes -- altogether a decent daylight gig for a breed that Cincinnati CityBeat's Chuck Davis has dubbed "rawker-ad-hawkers." (FULL STORY)
Noel Black  |  08-04-2004  11:02 am  |  Industry News

Tucson Weekly Rep Wins AAN CAN TV

Ruth Hammond  |  01-07-2004  6:47 pm  |  Association News